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A Kind Gift from Wedding Photographer Kristin LeAnn Page

A while back, I had the privilege of ministering the wedding of this sweet couple, Hila and Dave, which is where I met their photographer, Kristin LeAnn Page.

Kristin LeAnn and I have worked together at other weddings since then and she recently contacted me to ask if I would like a photo she had printed of me from Hila and Dave’s wedding. Of course I did, so we planned to meet for her to bring me the photo.

Now, I will admit that I am like most women, who never think they look good in photos, but as soon as I saw this photo, I was in love with it. Kristin LeAnn had caught this sweet, loving moment so beautifully that I was immediately transported back to that moment in the wedding, with all the good feels I felt at that time. This very kind gift now hangs in my home and it makes my heart smile every time I look at it.

Thank you, Kristin LeAnn, for your artistry and for thinking of me as you were updating your studio. This photo shows how much my wedding ministry means to me and what a joy it is to help couples begin their married lives. Being surrounded by so much love all the time is a treasured gift in my life.

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And here is a link to the blog post she wrote about Hila and Dave’s wedding.


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