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Deeily and James Marry in their Charming Home in Durham, NC

Deeily (left) and James are as happy a couple as they look in these photos, taken at their home on their wedding day. They were having a small, intimate ceremony and wanted it to be beautiful, elegant and romantic - a perfect reflection of them. And it was.

When I arrived at their home, I noticed their house number, 1410. I have studied symbols all my life and numerology is an interesting study of number energies. Their home number is a 6 (1+4+1+0 = 6) and 6 is a number that indicates inner and outer balance. Everything about them and their home speaks of a perfect balance. It is no wonder they found each other and have stayed together for so many years.

This sign welcomed everyone as we came in the front door. 
Note the corks. We will see some later in the cake topper.

I love these photos of them, taken earlier in the day by their photographer, JBS Production, whose photos are all used in this post. 

When the ceremony began, we all gathered in the living room. 
Deeily and James entered together, symbolizing their equal partnership. 
A very sweet start.

Vows and ring exchange...

... all sealed with a kiss.

 When the ceremony was over, everyone gathered around to greet the happy couple.

A little while later, champagne was served and Deeily and James thanked everyone for being such an important part of their lives. 


We took photos with the happy couple, including some fun group shots.

This cute cork cake topper was a big hit. 
Note that the suit colors and boutonnieres match the grooms.

A yummy food spread was set up in the kitchen and dining room. 

Their dearest friends were the marriage license witnesses and they were very proud to be chosen.

Deeily and James, thank you for including me as you began your married life. It was my honor. Your smiles and your love will always touch my heart. These photos of you feel like perfect omens of your future. May the sun always shine brightly in your life together!


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