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Keri and Gene Stage Their Wedding, ‘Til Death Do Us Part,’ at the Cary Arts Center

You just never know where you are going to meet the love of your life. It might even be on Craigslist. 

When I asked Keri and Gene to tell me about their relationship, this is what they wrote about how they met...

Keri - “Gene and I met in 2014. We found each other online through Craigslist – which, by the way it sounds, would lead one to believe it was a doomed prospect. Fortunately, neither of us turned out to be serial killers.”

Gene - “I met Keri during a very odd point in my life. I wasn't trying to find anyone, I just wanted people to talk to. She responded to an ad I made on Craigslist, looking for just that. She said my message stood out to her because it was so radically different from everything else she read. Heck, she was only there because Craigslist personals are so weird.”

And that tells you a lot about who they are as individuals and as a couple. They come at everything from a unique slant, with a shared sense of humor, and it was a total joy to be around them. 

I met them through Keri’s mom, Garnetta, whom I had married a few years previous. Garnetta and I have been friends ever since and I was thrilled when Keri and Gene asked me to minister their wedding. As their wedding plans came into focus, I was completely charmed by what they were planning.

They chose to do a First Look photo session before the wedding and this is one of the cutest First Look photos I’ve ever seen. Makes my heart smile.

The ceremony was held on the stage of the Cary Arts Center and the reception was in a room near the stage. This was my first time doing a wedding there and it was fun having the wedding on the stage. I was also impressed by all the help the staff at the Center provided for Keri and Gene. 

During the ceremony, Keri and Gene included the Cord of 3 Strands ceremony. They braided together three strands of purple, gold and white, representing their lives joined together with Spirit at the core. It was a lovely moment in the ceremony. 

They wrote their own vows to each other, which were sweet and touching and totally them

And I love this photo that captures their loving looks at each other during the ceremony. 

So about the ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ part. We were on a stage, as were the guests. We were the actors in their play and they designed a playbill, as one would see at any play ever attended. Pretty clever.

They had a perfect cover for it, designed by Julissa Santos. Keri is an accomplished musician and Gene is a man with many interesting interests, with music being one they share, so this artwork is perfect for them.

Not only was it on the Playbill, but it was also made into a poster (see photo above) and the guests signed a frame that would fit around it, to be later hung on the wall of their new home.

The colors of the wedding were yellow and purple, which were picked up in the clothing of Gene and the Bridal Party, Keri’s DIY bouquet and the wedding cake by Once in a Blue Moon Bakery.

I love what Gene said about their first meeting. “We shared music and bonded over several other things before we [actually] met. I saw her walk in the door to Panera Bread and thought, "I hope that's her.” 4 years later, I'm marrying that kooky girl, who I sat talking to for 3 hours that day about some really strange stuff you normally wouldn't just start talking to a stranger about.”

So, Gene and Keri, may your years together be filled with fun and laughter and conversations about really strange things. I will always be thinking of you laughing and joking your way through the world together.


All of these wonderful photos were taken by Lotus Creative Studios.


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