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An Elopement for Art and Brenda - Love is Love at Any Age

As a minister, I get to see many expressions of love. All are touching, all warm my heart and every one of them speaks to my Soul. Brenda and Art are a perfect example of what I mean. They have found each other in their later years and are living proof that Love is not just for the young; it has no age boundaries. Love at any age brings with it the gift of a richer life to share with someone we treasure.

In deciding how best to celebrate their love, Brenda and Art realized that what they really wanted was a quiet, private ceremony that spoke of their love for each other and their religious beliefs at the core of it all. To achieve this, they decided to elope and called me to see if I could be a part of it with them. Needless to say, I was thrilled. 

The ceremony was to take place at my home and I left it up to them if they wanted to be inside or out. It had rained the day before so they chose to be inside. The rain had washed everything clean and the sunshine adding a sparkle to the air made it feel like all of Nature was shining just for them.

They both feel God has put them together and the stories they told me of their lives certainly do speak of this. Accordingly, it was very important to them that their ceremony be about faith, love and total commitment in the eyes of God. And so it was. 

Shown above are their hands after the ceremony, resting on the family Bible Brenda had brought with her.

Thank you, Brenda and Art, for including me in your sweet love story. You have touched my heart with your love and your deep, sincere connection to your faith. May your life together continue to bring you the joy and contentment that led you to my home. 


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