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Chrissy and Joe Celebrate Love and Family with a Christmas Wedding at Mill Creek Golf Club in Mebane

Take two hearts that seem meant for each other, add a young heart that is open and giving… 
and you have the beginnings of a beautiful blended family.

Chrissy and Joe met at work, where a friendship was born that eventually grew into love. Chrissy has a young son and he and Joe became fast friends right away. Although the adults took things slowly to make sure everyone would be a good fit with each other, it wasn’t long before this trio was quite a team and it became obvious they were building a life together… so they decided to make it official.

What better time than over the Christmas holidays to celebrate love and family. Not only did the Christmas decorations add to the event, but the favorite color of their son is red, so red was in abundance at this wedding. Ties, boutonnieres and even Chrissy’s shoes were red - the color of love and life and new beginnings. It was perfect!

 Notice Chrissy’s bouquet - red and white candy canes!

The guest favors were glasses with candy canes tucked inside.

Their handsome young son carried in a sign right before his mom came down the aisle.

“Here Comes My Mommy”

Chrissy then entered alone and Joe met her when she was half way down the aisle. 
What a great symbol of the partnership they have created together.

 During the ceremony, Chrissy’s grandmother and their friend 
each read lovely passages about love.

To celebrate the beginning of this blended family, Chrissy and Joe included a Sand Ceremony, with engraved vials holding different colors of sand to mix together into a larger vase. 
As you might expect, their son used the red sand. 

Chrissy had a surprise in store for Joe. During the vows, which they had chosen themselves to repeat after me, Chrissy had asked me to add a line into his vows about promising to kill all the spiders that ever came her way. All the guests laughed at this and seeing the surprise on Joe’s face as he repeated those unexpected words was priceless.

 “I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

 Joe had a surprise in store for Chrissy, too - a deep, deep dip with the wedding kiss!

Instead of going out the aisle at the end of the ceremony, 
they had their first dance right then and there.

 Next came the wedding photos with the parents. Love this shot of everyone kissing their spouses.

 Love these adorable moments with their son, too.

Quite a family gathering!

Some great touches for the reception…

2 tables for kids with fun activities in their red bags

a photo guest book where all the guests were to sign the mat around the photo

hand-painted Bride and Groom glasses

and a simple wedding cake table with cupcakes for the kids.

They had some fun feeding the cake to each other.

And of course, Santa was there, too.

Chrissy and Joe, it was a real honor to help you launch your married life and to see the official start of your happily blended family. Love is everywhere around you and it was wonderful to bask in its glow.


Others on hand to help make this wedding very special;

Cake - Maxie B’s

Photographer - Lloyd’s Photography
(most of the photos used in this post were taken by them)

Venue - Mill Creek Golf Club - Mebane


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Anonymous said…
Just Beautiful Barbara. The perfect wedding. Thank you, Laura Lang (Christene's Mom)
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Laura. You looked SO beautiful at the wedding.

It was a perfect wedding - and I think they are a perfect fit for each other.

Hugs to all of you!