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A Christening for Carter on His First Birthday

In 2012, I got to be the happy minister for Jennifer and Michelle’s heartfelt Commitment Ceremony in a lovely back yard setting. Jennifer and Michelle are a wonderful couple and their ceremony was completely reflective of them and their style -  casual, sincere, caring and kind. A little over a year later, their son was born and I got to go see and hold him in the hospital. What a treat! They told me then that when they christened him they would want me to perform the ceremony and sure enough, a year later, they planned to include a christening at his first birthday party.

It, too, was to be a  casual affair. The christening was to take place before the birthday party began, with just a few people in attendance - family, the Godparents and a friend to do a reading. Four generations of Jennifer’s family were there.

Grandma,  Grandson, Great Grandma, Mom

When I arrived, a football game was on TV and when Carter was in his christening clothes, Godfather was hanging with him, watching the game, while all the ladies were putting the finishing touches on getting everything ready.

We held the ceremony in front of the fireplace, on the mantle of which were photos of Jennifer and Michelle and adorable Carter. 

Their friend did a reading from Jeremiah and presented Carter with his first Bible. She had written the reading text on the inside cover.

I always ask parents to place into the water through their prayers their hopes and dreams for their child, and I use the water blessed with their love for the christening. In this case, everyone there had written their hopes and dreams for Carter on little pieces of paper and placed them into the water. So touching.

When the ceremony was finished, we all took photos of ourselves with the young man of honor.

The parents, Godparents and I signed the Christening Certificate. 

In the interim between the christening and the birthday party, we got to see some of Carter’s first steps!

Jennifer and Michelle’s first child watched to make sure we were all taking good care of her baby.

Pretty soon, the guests started arriving for the birthday party and it was time for presents...

… followed by the Birthday Boy having his first go at a birthday cake,
with a little help from his moms with the candle.

I was treated to a tour of the party decorations by this handsome young man, who wanted to make sure I saw EVERYTHING. He had been very shy earlier so I was glad to see he had warmed to me enough to show me around. It was very sweet.

And he was right - it was a feast of good food and monsters!

This welcoming sign was out on the driveway.

Happy Birthday and Happy Christening Day, little Carter. You are so adorable and you are surrounded by love. You have come from Love at is purest and it has been an honor to watch that love in action in the lives of your mothers - and now in you.


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Wow.. Lovely Cute baby.. Awesome Thanks for sharing..
Thank you. He is pretty adorable!