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Amy and Jeff Exchange Vows at the Beautiful, Sunlit Cotton Room in Durham

 Amy and Jeff have a huge love for each other, their families and friends so what better place to hold all that love for their wedding than the huge, light-filled Cotton Room in Durham. Back in the day it was a cotton warehouse but it has since been reclaimed as a glorious wedding venue surrounded by art galleries. I so love what Durham has been doing to revitalize itself and The Cotton Room at Golden Belt is a perfect example of this.

The giant windows that surround the building let in immense amounts of light and the brick interior of the event space lends itself to all sorts of decorating designs. I have never seen any design that did not look lavish in The Cotton Room and it is one of my favorite wedding locations in the Triangle.

This is one corner of the interior, with the white couches pulled down to one end, opposite the bar and wedding location.

The big bar can be set up at any location in the huge room. 

These are all the reception tables moved toward the curtains that separate the bar area from the wedding and reception area. Once the wedding is finished, the curtains are tied back and the tables are moved into place. Notice the twig and light balls hanging from the ceiling.

And here is how it looked later, once the tables were in place for the reception.

photo by Carolyn Scott Photography

Check out the vast expanse of the room! This shot is looking toward the other end, where the ceremony took place. You can see the wedding ceremony in the far distance.

photo by Carolyn Scott Photography

The Cotton Room’s event planner on board that day was Amalia Sarnecki-Ackley. She is such a nice person and the perfect balance of professionalism and efficiency. A real joy to be around!

During the ceremony, the fun energy of this happy couple was in evidence. Amidst the light streaming in through the giant windows, the combination was enough to make your heart soar with happiness. These photos by Carolyn and Geoff captured it perfectly.

photo by Carolyn Scott Photography

photo by Carolyn Scott Photography

photo by Carolyn Scott Photography

The colors for the wedding and decor were a mix of navy, yellow and gray. The Bridesmaids wore dark navy dresses, the groomsmen were in gray suits and the bouquets were full of yellow and gray. Just beautiful. Notice how the colors were picked up in all the decorations and program. I really liked this classic combination.

Major cute DIY - they made these table number cards themselves!

Even the men’s plaid ties and pocket scarves picked up the color scheme in a unique way. 

photo by Carolyn Scott Photograph

A brother and the Best Man signed the marriage license out in the lower lobby of the building. What a bright expanse of cheery sunlight this building has!

A few days before the wedding, Amy’s mom slipped in her yard and broke her foot so she was in a giant black boot and using crutches. Not to be deterred on the wedding day, she wrapped her crutches with shiny tulle and decked out her boot - front and back - with lots of fun bling. I just had to get a few shots of her clever metamorphosis into Glamor-Mom-in-Boot. We ladies always need our bling - and our lipstick.

Amy and Jeff were having so much fun with their families and bridal party before the wedding began and it carried on well into the night. If you ever want to have all your adult guests turn into children immediately, provide some props and a photo booth and see the smiles come out. What fun!

On hand to make sure the music was perfect for the whole event was their DJ, Eric Hodgden, of All Around Raleigh DJ. Eric is such a handsome man, as you can plainly see, and he is every bit as nice as he looks, too. This particular day I noticed he was smiling extra large and while speaking to him I learned he had just gotten married the previous weekend. No wonder he was smiling so broadly! Congratulations to you and Kelly, Eric. I hope you have a blissful marriage the rest of your lives.

The cute little pixie standing beside Eric is one half of the dynamic husband and wife team of Carolyn and Geoff, photographers extroardinaire. Unfortunately I neglected to get a shot of Geoff, too (sorry Geoff). Carolyn and Geoff are  Carolyn Scott Photography and I just love their work. The first time I ever saw them in action was at a garden wedding. They were in all sorts of odd positions taking photos and I knew right then that their photos were going to be unique and fun, just like them. And indeed they were. 

Many of the photos used here are by Carolyn and Geoff’ (thank you!) but their blog post of this wedding has a lot more great photos. You should definitely head over there and check it out. 

Amy and Jeff, it was such fun to meet you and to experience your wonderful joie de vivre. It was infectious and I could see that everyone around you treasures that part of you. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your wedding. As I type, I know you are still on your Caribbean honeymoon, reveling in love and life. May that reveling always be your path together through life!

Love shining in both their faces!

photo by Carolyn Scott Photography

Amy’s veil kept blowing in the breeze during the photos and they got this shot of one of her Bridesmaids corralling it. This totally captures the feel of the day.

photo by Carolyn Scott Photography


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Thank you so much for posting these photos, Barbara!! We LOVE working with you. You are amazing and fantastic and it's always a pleasure. Thank you!!