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A Christening For Twin Daughters on a Beautiful Day at Lake Crabtree in Raleigh

Mandy and Ian have two adorable daughters, Addie and Anna. All their family was coming to town for the holidays and the proud parents asked if I could perform a christening ceremony while they were here. They wanted the ceremony to be out at Lake Crabtree County Park near their home and although the air was very cold, the day dawned bright and sunny so we held the ceremony right at the lakeshore.

Water is a powerful feminine symbol and therefore the setting seemed perfect, especially with Mother Nature giving us such a glorious day.

But Mother Nature also had a fine surprise in store. Right as I was walking across the field with Mandy, Ian and their girls, a deer (another feminine symbol) came out by the shore, looked around, and decided to take a swim from one promontory of the lake to another. This was going to be a special ceremony as far as Mother Nature was concerned! 
Luckily, one of the family members got a shot of the deer in the water. 

I always  ask parents to bring water for the christening into which they have placed their prayers and dreams for their children. Mandy and Ian had brought a simple glass pitcher for their water and a beautiful crystal heirloom bowl to hold it. With the sun sparkling on the water and the crystal, it was simply stunning.

At the other end of the table was a white family heirloom blanket.

The lovely christening gowns worn by the girls were made by their grandmother from her wedding dress! Not only were they absolutely perfect, but here again was another beautiful expression of familial love. I had meant to ask the grandmother if she had been planning since the day she wore that dress to one day make a christening gown from it but in the rush of the day’s activitties I forgot to ask her.

Christenings are always such a special time in the life of a family and this was a special day, indeed. Family and Nature surrounded us with Love as we proceeded to welcome the girls into the family of Christ. Mandy and Ian wrote a beautiful passage about what they hoped for their daughters in their lives to come and the family all pledged to help guide the girls in their spiritual paths.

After the ceremony was over, Mandy and Ian walked over to the lake and poured into it the remaining water they had blessed with their dreams and prayers for their daughters and that I had used for the christening. It was a beautiful symbol of the circle of life and incredibly touching in its appropriateness.  

Now came the picture-taking before everyone headed back to Mandy and Ian’s house for a luncheon and more celebrations. What a great time we all had, surrounded by so much love and joy. 

The young cousins were captivated by the babies.

The girls loved holding onto my fingers and I loved every minute of it!

Back at the house, a delicious meal was planned and awaiting our arrival were the eldest family members who had decided it wise for them not to brave the cold and the hike across the park for the ceremony. It was wonderful to be among so many generations of this loving family and everyone  welcomed me warmly.

Mandy and Ian signed the christening certificates. 

More photos were taken as the girls of honor were held among the family - and me.  

Mandy and Ian, thank you so much for including me in your family celebration of Love and Life. I was  deeply touched by the affection you have for each other and will always remember our time together as we welcomed your girls to the world and into the family of Christ. 


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