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Leah and Mike Marry At 1705 Prime in Raleigh, Surrounded By Friends and Four Generations of Family

Leah and Mike are proof positive that love is a gift to everyone - and meeting a new love later in life is one of the finest gifts of all.

They chose to marry at 1705 Prime because when Leah’s daughter had married there some time back, Leah had been very impressed with the venue and the caring staff, particularly Kevin DeHimer, who is the manager and an all-around nice guy. When Mike proposed, Leah suggested right away that they should look into this special venue to have their wedding out on the front steps of this impressive building and the reception inside in the restaurant. Of course, it goes without saying that the food there is every bit as delicious as the venue is fine.

The wedding was to be a family affair and the Bridal Party was all their children. Mike is from England and his son and some family members flew over for the wedding. For the British family who could not attend - parents, siblings and nephews - Mike made sure that the whole wedding was Skyped to those watching back in the UK. The wonders of modern technology bringing families together - I love it! 

Mike’s son was his Best Man, Leah’s daughters and sons-in-law filled out the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen sides and everyone contributed to the wedding in some way. 

A daughter and son-in-law sang a beautiful duet, two other daughters did readings, a brother-in-law did another reading and the Best Man was in charge of the rings. 

Note Leah’s fascinator hat from England. It was a perfect wedding veil and she looked stunning in it.

Not to be outdone, even their infant grandson contributed to the fun when he rode out of the ceremony, pulled by his Bridesmaid and Groomsman parents in a charmingly decked out wagon his parents had created - complete with cans that rattled on the brick walkway as they went. What a show-stopper!

For the welcome portion of the ceremony, Mike had suggested we have the audience be included and how they decided to do it was to have me invite the guests to stand and clap for the wedding couple, letting Leah and Mike know how pleased they were that these two people had found such love for each other. As Leah and Mike turned toward their guests, a cheer and much clapping went up through the guests - surely far more than they had ever expected - and it was a sweet, heart-warming moment. You could see in Leah and Mike’s faces how touched they were.

Leah’s 92 year old mother was to walk Leah down the aisle but three days before the wedding, her mother fell and broke her hip, requiring two surgeries. Quite the trouper, her mother was not to be deterred and although in a wheelchair, she was pushed down the aisle as Leah held her hand all the way. My goodness, how touching.

Leah’s sister and one of her daughters signed the license as witnesses. I always enjoy seeing how flattered everyone is when they are asked to sign the license.

Adding a delightful touch to an already perfect ceremony, the aisle had been decorated with tulle and glass jars hung on hooks, filled with white hydrangea blossoms and vanilla-scented votives. What a simple and perfect combination - and those votives smelled divine!

The beautiful music for the ceremony was provided by a violin and cello duo from Save the Date Music. They were excellent musicians.

Leah and Mike, your life together is going to be filled with the riches of love and family ties and I wish you all the wonderful things that will come to you from your loves. Have a beautiful life to come!


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