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Fong Ming and Dan Design a Pixel-Themed Wedding at Chateau Bellevie in Fuquay-Varina

Fong Ming and Dan met many years ago when both were undergrads at Duke University, pursuing engineering degrees. They started as friends but didn’t start dating until their Senior year. The following year their furthering educations took them to different states, but they still kept in touch through the wonders of modern technology - and lots of miles traveling back and forth for visits. Long distance relationships are hard to keep going, but not for this creative couple, who worked around the distances for 7 years as they completed their educations. They took advantage of all our modern communication devices to stay connected and my favorite story was that they would download movies into their individual computers (in different sates, mind you) and then with a Skype connection, they would start the movies at the same time and share the fun together in real time. Very clever!!

Because technology played such an important part in their relationship, they decided to celebrate it in a fun way by using that most basic piece of technological magic - the pixel - as their design theme. Yet again, their clever approach was everywhere in view, so sit back and enjoy - there is a lot here to show you. 
Although they currently live in Cincinnati (together!), they came back to this area for the wedding and chose the lovely Chateau Bellevie Bed and Breakfast in Fuquay-Varina as the setting. This was my first wedding at this location and what a lot of fun it was, discovering all the special little elements the owners have put together to create this charming European setting.

For the ceremony, Fong Ming and Dan wrote their own, beautiful vows to each other, lit a Candle of Remembrance for family members who have passed, and gave their mothers roses of love and appreciation.

They also created the first-ever (that I know of) Unity Coffee Ceremony that I had a lot of fun writing for them. “Why a coffee unity ceremony?” you might ask. As Dan would put it, “Dan, the avid coffee lover, lured Fong Ming into the world of luxurious javas.” So, of course, the Unity Coffee Ceremony was born. To this couple, so long separated by distance, sharing coffee has come to represent a symbol of connection.

Both families contributed their own, unique pots to hold the coffee. Note the square vase (pixel shape in 3 dimensions) into which the coffee was  blended…

and the square (also pixel shape in 3 dimensions) sugar cubes they added to the coffee, each with a different color to represent the two families and pick up the color scheme of the day - pink and blue. Needless to say, this new spin on an old tradition was a huge hit.

Speaking of the color scheme, note the nice way it was incorporated into the wedding decorations;

Pink bows and pink cubes (3D pixels) on the aisle chairs and a tiny pink rosebud on Dan’s boutonniere.

There was pink lemonade beside the iced tea at the bar...

and beautiful cobalt blue tablecloths and napkins.

Pink and blue place cards - in pixilated text with pink cube-pixels attached - awaited the guests. 

A 3D pixilated heart was a stand-out decoration (excuse the pun) ...

and the cobalt blue background of the video guestbook was beautiful. I’d never seen a video guest book before, and what a clever idea!

The Bridesmaids wore cobalt blue dresses and all the ladies carried beautiful bouquets by Shelley Pearson of Expressions of Love Florist. Even Fong Ming’s hair accessory was a soft pink. Note, also, the lovely earrings and necklace Fong Ming is wearing - a wedding present from her mother.

The table centerpieces celebrated all the states that Fong Ming and Dan have lived in - both together and separately - and picked up the pink in the design.

Look at those ornate guest favor boxes at each place.

 Later in the evening, Fong Ming and Dan changed into traditional Korean wedding clothes and some scrumptious-looking Korean food was served.

photo by Damien Maass
photo by Damien Maass

When I first saw the photo of the Korean food table (above) I thought someone must have laid their camera on the cake plate. Later I learned that it actually was a cake(!), created by Jennifer and Jeff Stevens of Ambrosia Cake Creations, in honor of Dan’s love of photography. (Dan must be a Canon shooter.) Notice they even included a “sugar photo” of the happy couple on the back. Is this cake incredible, or what!

Their DJ was Damien Maass of Damien Maass Disc Jockey and Video Services and I managed to get a shot of him at his booth, with one of Chateau Bellevie’s wedding planners, Hannah. Both are incredibly nice professionals and Damien wrote a blog post about this wedding.

After a honeymoon in Hong Kong and Japan, the happy couple headed back home to Cincinnati. In October of this year I hope to see them again when I will be ministering the wedding of Dan’s sister, Christine, and her fiancé, Jason. Here they are with Christine, who was one of the Bridesmaids.

Fong Ming and Dan, your love story of perseverance, sincerity and overcoming obstacles has really made an impact on me. I hope your life together will continue to be a joyous one of creative problem-solving and the remembrance always that you are the sweetening pixels in your coffee connections.


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