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Sharon and Jack Live Love as An Answered Prayer

Illness has a way of making the most important things in life stand out in high relief and both Sharon and Jack have been tried in that fire. Jack faced his own life-threatening illness and Sharon lost her husband through his battle with his illness. It was a hard time for both of them but what kept them going was their turning inward to their spiritual cores.

Sharon and Jack eventually decided they would like to go forward in their lives with a partner who held God at the core of their lives, too, but only if that partner would be a perfect fit. So both prayed for the perfect partner to come into their lives... and then they met. It was clear to them right away that they had found their other half to build a life of hope and joy, love and happiness. They know how precious is the life we are given and how important it is to live fully in each day. Love that comes to us later in life is just as sweet, just as hopeful and just as beautiful as it is when it comes in our early years. Love is always a gift when it touches our lives and Sharon and Jack are living that gift.

I was so happy they contacted me for their wedding. I had ministered the wedding of Jack’s daughter, Stephanie, the previous year and she gave him all my contact information. (Thanks, Stephanie!) Stephanie, Chuck and Brooke became an official family on that day and that made their wedding even more special. I wrote a blog post about it, if you would like to read it.
I love this photo of their family and me on that day. It catches the sweet emotions we were all feeling.

Sharon and Jack chose the Raleigh Hilton for their wedding and reception. Friends from church provided the vocal and guitar duo for the ceremony and it was just beautiful. Their DJ was Kevin’s DJ Show, specializing in country and beach music. Decorations were simple, effective and picked up the red of the Christmas season in Jack’s tie, the bouquet and the flowers and Christmas greenery of the lovely candelabra.

After the wedding, we all took photos together and then Sharon and Jack joined all their guests for food and celebrating. Aren’t they glowing!

It was wonderful to see Stephanie and Chuck, radiant with their own marriage happiness.

Brooke has grown so much in a year! (compare with the photo above from Stephanie and Chuck’s wedding) What a handsome family photo.

After a bit, I had to leave for another commitment so I took a peek into the ballroom before I headed out. How pretty were the tables, all set up with the Christmas red.

Even the wedding cupcake tree (by Gigi’s Cupcakes) was filled with various shades of reds. 

The little figurine standing in front of the cupcake tree was so touching. It was perfect for Sharon and Jack and how they obviously feel about each other. Love and prayer are a potent combination and Sharon and Jack are living proof that love is truly a verb as well as a noun.

And happily, so are Stephanie and Chuck.


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