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Jennifer and Brad Marry at Caffe Luna in Raleigh and Include a “Tasting of the Four Elements of Marriage” Ceremony

Jennifer and Brad met at a bowling alley in July of 2008, a couple of months after she had moved to the Triangle. It was a chance meeting that quickly grew into so much more and in November, when she invited him to share Thanksgiving with her, they became inseparable.

Of the many unique things they did for their wedding, one was to play up the bowling alley meeting. They used white chocolate pops in the form of bowling pins and seating cards were attached to each. Lined up in a nice wooden box filled with rice, the bowling pins were an adorable guest favor that doubled as a seating card and were definitely a big hit with their guests.

Along with some very nice readings and vows they had written to each other, they also included a “Tasting of the Four Elements of Marriage” ceremony. I had never heard of this so to be able to write it for them, I asked them what it symbolized. The ceremony is about how love is woven into the everyday fabric of life and it exemplifies this by having the wedding couple taste the flavors representing the four elements of marriage;
lemon - sacrifice
vinegar - bitterness
cayenne pepper - heat / arguments
honey - sweetness

There was a table set up beside us with a dish of each of these flavors and Jennifer and Brad were to taste each one as I spoke of them and what each symbolized. Now with these particular flavors, you can imagine what their faces must have looked like during the tastings - and their guests had a grand time watching all this transpire. It was quite memorable and certainly something I had never seen done before at a wedding. Here is the table as it looked when the ceremony began. Lovely, isn’t it. Jennifer had put together the perfect setting for this special ceremonial addition.

The wedding and reception took place at the popular Caffe Luna in downtown Raleigh. Awash with bright, cheery light pouring in from the giant windows that run the full length of the front of the Caffe, this is one of my favorite Raleigh wedding locations. Jennifer and Brad took full advantage of the amazing light with the colorful table arrangements of unique floating tulip candles, the beautiful spring bouquets and the glorious floral arrangements used where the ceremony took place. All the florals were created by Christina of North Raleigh Florist and what a nice job she did. 

Picking up the colors of the bouquets were rose petals lining the floor of the aisle and giant paper flowers made by Jennifer and Brad on the aisle chairs. What a festive look and feel!

The cake table was equally colorful. Made by Cinda’s Creative Cakes, the bright, simple colors on the cake stood out beautifully. I love simple elegance and this cake surely was.  

On the table by the cake was this very nice cake cutting and serving set with engraved hearts. Perfect.

After the ceremony, the front flowers were moved to the dining area. Placed on the table by the clever “Wedding Advice” area, they made a lovely little alcove for the marriage license to be signed and the advice cards to be filled out.

I noticed this pillow sitting on a chair when everyone had gone into the dining room. It is one of the nicest ring pillows I have ever seen.


Others on hand to help make this happy wedding such a success;

Wedding Planner - Nicole McMillan Conder of Premiere Party Planners, shown here with her assistant. What a terrific job they did!

DJ for the reception - Harrison Foster of Perfect Mix Productions - quiet and capable with a twinkle in his eye, his company name says it all.

Ceremony Music - Brittany and Marissa Farrell of Sisters on the Harp. Harp and flute are a wonderful combination and these young ladies are very professional and incredibly nice.

Photographers - the happy husband and wife team of Kyle and A. J. Dunlap - A. J. Dunlap Photography. I LOVE working with them and seeing all their beautiful photos afterwards. When you go check out their website, whatever you do, DO NOT(!!!) SKIP the intro video. It tells you everything you need to know about them. Kudos to whoever made that great video. 


Jennifer and Brad, I hope you will always be as happy as you were on your wedding day. Your faces in these photos tell the story. May the sweetness of the honey you tasted remain the most powerful element of your marriage.

photo by A. J. Dunlap Photography

Update - 2/20/13 - I have just learned that Jennifer and Brad are expecting a daughter in July 2013. Congratulations to them - they are going to be amazing parents! 


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Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Perfect! Elegant! You can see the love these to have for each other!
Thank you for stopping by and for your observation - I totally agree! :-)