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January 1, 2013 - The Ball Drops in Times Square and Andi and Ian Marry Immediately After in Cary

Andi and Ian were just planning a New Year’s Eve party to begin with, but then they got the crazy idea to turn it into a wedding. Almost all their family and friends would be there anyway and celebrating a wedding anniversary every year right after the ball dropped in Times Square seemed a great time for a personal celebration. So they started putting it all together and luckily I was able to join them for their special event.

I arrived early to go over all the ceremony logistics with them and then we waited for the ball to drop. Once the hugging and New Year kissing was over, one of the guests hollered, “It’s time for a wedding!,” which brought lots of laughter, and so the wedding began amid such merriment.

Ian’s parents and some other family and friends could not join them so they had a Skype connection set up. This was the camera and mic. It looked like a Pixar character and made me smile every time I looked at it. Such personality!

Andi and Ian walked in together after their Bridesmaids had entered. Love her dress and boots!

Everyone had a camera and Andi’s stepdad, Tony, was doing the honors with his fine camera that Andi and Ian had given him for Christmas. (He also is an ice sculptor and you will see a photo of his handiwork further in this post.) All of the photos here have come from Andi and Ian’s Facebook page as well as some I took. Thanks, Andi and Ian, for letting me use them. And thanks to Tony and all the guests who took such great shots! You can tell by looking at the photos what a sweet wedding it was.

 Then there was hugging and kissing all around,

conversations on Skype with Ian’s parents, family and friends,

and then time for the toasts and champagne!

After that, the party moved into high gear and they even included a bouquet and garter toss!

guess who caught the bouquet

getting the garter for the toss

The cake was a one-layer cake on top with cupcakes on the bottom two tiers and purple flowers mixed around. The cake and cupcakes picked up Andi’s dress pattern while the purple color mirrored her engagement ring, the purple bouquets and their toasting goblets. Nice touches.

They had a platter for all the guests to sign, creating a fun and practical wedding keepsake.

The dogs were sporting purple bows and did not want to be left out of anything.

 This is the ice sculpture I mentioned earlier, enlarged for you to see it better. Nice job, Tony!

Earlier in the evening I had noticed this pretty scene with their glasses sparkling in the light from the ceiling above and the candles all around. It was so pretty I had to get a shot. Later I realized it was a perfect symbol of Andi and Ian and how special they had been, standing within the circle of light and love that was showered on them that night.

Andi and Ian, it was so much fun to be included in this special time in your lives. Every year from now on, when I watch the ball drop, I will remember your wedding and send you continued good wishes for a long and happy life together.


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