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Frances and Robert Exchange Vows at Lake Wheeler Park in Raleigh

I first met Frances at the wedding of her sister, Claudia. Both are accomplished musicians and Frances played the cello for Claudia’s wedding as well as accompanying her on a keyboard while Claudia sang. It was a lovely wedding on a back yard castle. (Here is a link to the blog post I wrote about it, if you would like to read it.)

Frances and Robert wanted a low-key wedding and they chose Lake Wheeler Conference Center, with its inviting deck and water to provide a fun backdrop for the day. Their guests took full advantage of the deck and the boating rentals!

The park has lots of geese and these two were especially interested in the wedding. Knowing that geese mate for life, it seemed most appropriate that they should care about  marriage in other species.

Before the wedding began, a small table of snacks was set out for the guests and the buffet, catered by Boston Market, was set up, awaiting the delicious food that would come after the wedding. The two chefs with Boston Market were very friendly and, as it turned out, one had even attended a wedding I had done years before.

Such cheery colors in the flowers - the front one below is the bouquet, doubling as a buffet table decoration, waiting for Frances to walk down the aisle with it.

When the pre-wedding photos were completed, Frances and Robert came in from the surrounding woods and put the finishing touches on their wedding cake. They had designed it themselves in honor of their honeymoon in St. John, US Virgin Islands - lovebirds crossing the bridge to paradise. Nice touch, that hammock.

Pretty soon it was time to start the wedding and before we came down the aisle, I did another last-minute walk-through on how to do the hand-off of the Bride from a very nervous dad to the happy groom.

The playlist music on Frances’ iPod was started up and the wedding ceremony began. 

The hand-off went perfectly. I noticed a bit of a tear in Dad’s eye and it was a very sweet moment.

After the ceremony it was time for the formal family photos and their photographer, Robert Filcsik of Robert Filcsik Photography, was great at organizing everyone efficiently. I had worked with him at another wedding recently and he is really good at being all over the place - and seeming invisible while he’s at it! His candid photos are sure to be great as a result. Here he is up on a chair to capture a group photo.

Robert has a great eye, which is quite an asset for a photographer, and here is one of his photos taken of Frances and Robert at the dock. Can’t wait to see all the rest when they are online!

Some family photos with Robert’s family and Frances with her parents... such a happy day.

Here are Claudia, her husband, Mischa, and their adorable son.

 I must confess to having a crush on this cute, animated little guy. He was so flirting with me!

Pretty soon it was time to eat the scrumptious meal from Boston Market. 

Love this photo of the sisters.

And of course the cake cutting - would they be nice to each other? .... Yes they were.

Someone captured this great photo of them and I don’t know if it was as they were arriving or leaving, but look at all the love and joy here. Makes my heart smile.

Thanks, Claudia for the use of all your wonderful photos. 

And thanks, Frances and Robert, for allowing me to share in your very special day. I hope your bridge to Paradise plays a part in every single facet of your married life.


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