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Michelle and Tee have a Very Merry “Unwedding” in Raleigh - and Their Guests Sing Them Out With Kazoos

When I met with Michelle and Tee, I was completely charmed by them. Michelle is a digital librarian and Tee is a grants administrator and although they are both very soft-spoken, their eyes give away their whimsical way of looking at the world. Michelle is a member of the nonprofit organization, Phoenix Landing, that shelters and finds homes for parrots and she and Tee now have three parrots of their own. Tee even got one of them to help him propose to Michelle.  (Way to go, Jango!)

Did you notice Tee’s green bow tie and Michelle’s green sweater? They wanted a completely green wedding so all the wedding decorations were silk flowers, the wedding professionals and supplies were all local and the whole event had as small a footprint on the environment as they could manage. Tee even wore green tennies, which set off his tie nicely. (Michelle changed into black tennies for some of the photos.)

The wedding took place at St. Mark’s Chapel at The Mordecai House in Raleigh and that small little chapel was filled with family and friends who would not have missed this happy occasion for anything.

Since this was to be an Unwedding (as they called it), naturally it would be sort of traditional and sort of not. The “not” part came in with the ceremony music being performed by the guests on kazoos and maracas - to the immense delight of all the guests. Here is a link to a short video one of the guests posted of Michelle and Tee’s friend, Lori, coaching the guests before the wedding began on how to play the processional for the Bride’s entrance and the recessional music at the end for the newlyweds’ exit. Lori’s 15 year old son, Aiden, tried to keep everyone on tempo with his viola. What a hoot!

The look on that little guy’s face with the green maraca and kazoo says it all. Michelle and Tee wanted everyone to have a great time at their unwedding and it is obvious that everyone did.

Sometimes in weddings, flowers are presented to the moms as a surprise, but for Michelle and Tee, that wasn’t enough. They also wanted to honor their dads and here is a sweet photo of Tee pinning on his father’s boutonniere during the ceremony. Love the look on his dad’s face. Kudos to the photographer for catching that sweet moment.

After the wedding was over, everyone went outside for hugs and photos. 

And if anyone thinks a wedding photographer’s job is all glamour, just check out their friend and photographer, Hide, propped in the tree, working to get his great shots.

While the photographs were going on, all the guests headed over to Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing Company for the reception, where the Unwedding festivities moved into high gear. Want your guests to turn into happy kids immediately? Just put out some fun props and see what happens with the kids and the adults!

Many thanks to Hide Terada for some of the photos of Michelle and Tee and to Michelle’s sister, Megan, for many of the other photos. Megan is also a jewelry designer and Michelle was wearing a cute heart necklace Megan had made for her, with t & m engraved on it. (You can find more of Megan’s work at her website


Michelle and Tee, I hope you always keep your fun way of looking at the world and the pleasure you take in each other’s company. Your Unwedding was so perfect for you and I wish you all the joys and wonders the world can unfold in your lives.


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