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Lydia, Patrick and Gabrielle Become a Family at Flanders Art Gallery in Raleigh

It was a beautiful night in Raleigh and the atmosphere at the Flanders Art Gallery was pumped to the max. There was going to be a celebration here as Lydia and Patrick became husband and wife. Lydia’s daughter was the Flower Girl and she was a big part of the festivities that evening. This wasn’t just a wedding of her mom and Patrick; this was a bonding of three lives into a family.

I had never been to this art gallery before and what a quiet little gem it is. Sitting in an unassuming corner of Raleigh, its simple lines and interesting artwork displays added the perfect touch to the creative decorations of the event. With Lydia an interior designer and Patrick an architect, there was  beautiful attention to detail everywhere you looked.

The colors they chose for their wedding were grey and yellow and with the simple white walls of the gallery surrounding them, it was an exquisite combination.

Their decoration for the wedding itself was elegant simplicity. Hung from the top of the wall, acting as a backdrop for the Candles on a single round table, were round glass votives hanging at various heights on yellow ribbons. It was lovely.

It was important to Lydia and Patrick that we included their families as much as themselves
and to that end they included readings by Patrick’s sisters and a Candle of Remembrance ceremony in honor of their families who had passed on. It was especially poignant that their mothers lit the Candles of Remembrance and I love this shot of the glow on their faces while they were lighting.

Lydia and Patrick wanted to include Gabrielle in the ceremony so they chose to add a Family Medallion ceremony. Patrick got down on one knee to say some sweet words to Gabrielle and then he and Lydia presented her with a lovely necklace to mark the occasion. It was very touching and Gabrielle was showing that necklace to people all the rest of the evening. She was so proud of it.

Their photographer for the evening was Jason Dail of Jason Dail Photography. He is an award-winning photographer (and recently a new dad) and he has kindly offered the use of his photos here. (Thanks, Jason... and congratulations on your new little daughter!)

After the ceremony, Jason took the happy couple and the Bridal Party outside for some fun photos. Jason’s work is so good, it’s no wonder he is an award winner!

While the photos were going on, the rest of us stayed inside and enjoyed the jazz stylings of The St. Ambrose Jazz Mass Quartet. Lydia’s dad plays guitar in this group and he wrote the wedding Recessional music for Lydia’s wedding!

This also gave me a chance to check out all the great decorations, like this wonderful photo of the three of them at the front entrance, also taken by Jason.

Notice this beautiful wooden guest book and the interesting table decorations - all proof that less is indeed more.

The jars on the table are the guest favors - homemade spiced pear jam that is so delicious I am making my jar last as long as I can!

After  dinner it was time for the speeches and the dancing. Gabrielle gave a toast to her mom and Patrick and, although she is only 7, you would have thought just by listening that she was in her 20s. Quite a precocious young lady!

Lydia’s dad did a great toast that referenced Mr. Potato Head as an inside joke and everyone laughed like crazy, especially Patrick.

Lydia and her dad had a great time dancing for the father-daughter dance and Patrick and his mom looked very sweet chatting privately while they danced together.


Then the party really took off and the band played while everyone had a great time celebrating the night away.

The wedding and groom cakes were created by Lynn Loomis of Lynn’s Traditions. We have some wonderful bakers in our area but you just cannot beat a cake by Lynn. Not only are they beautiful, but they taste every bit as good as they look - and that seems a rarity with wedding cakes. Here you can see the diversity in the cakes that Lydia and Patrick chose. Patrick thought his cake was a big hoot - and so did everyone else.

Eventually the party had to end, darn it, and Lydia and Patrick made a sparkler exit into a rickshaw provided by Raleigh Rickshaw Company. These rickshaws have become a fun staple of our Raleigh night life and what a fun way to make an exit!

Many happy trails, you guys. It was great fun getting to know you and your daughter and to be a part of the official start of your family. 


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