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Amanda and Bart Exchange Vows at the Beautiful Sunset Lake Lodge in Holly Springs

Amanda and Bart decided to marry on November 11, 2011. For those of you not familiar with numerology, eleven is a very powerful number of high energy and elevated partnership. From this perspective, their wedding date bodes well for a strong, productive life to come.

Their wedding day dawned absolutely glorious and, as you can see in their photo to the left, it was a perfect day for a wedding.

When I arrived and went to find Amanda, I noticed that Amanda’s sister and best friend, who were also her Bridesmaids, had embroidered the wedding date on the bottom of Amanda’s dress. Of course, I couldn’t resist getting a photo of this, along with one of Amanda and her Bridesmaids in their gorgeous red dresses.

Amanda and Bart had chosen the beautiful Sunset Lake Lodge in Holly Springs as the location for their wedding. This is absolutely one of my favorite venues for smaller weddings as it has so many really nice places to hold a wedding on the grounds. The woods surrounding the house and the lake are lovely any time of year and the lake creates a wonderful, serene ambience. Every wedding I have ever done there has integrated this element of natural beauty and it has been a great asset every time.

The ceremony was held on the sidewalk down by the water and this was the view of the wedding guests. Stunning!

Amanda’s Dad surprised her by wearing his military uniform and I would have loved to have seen her face when she first saw him! Here they are awaiting their cue to enter and then coming down the sidewalk to the aisle.

Amanda and Bart wanted to include a Sand Ceremony and here is a shot of the Sand table after the wedding was over. I love the interesting vase they chose for the sand and how the table is sparkling with the reflections of the sunshine and the lake in the background.

Eventually it was time for the wedding kiss and to recess out the aisle, heading for photos.

With such beautiful grounds, there were so many places to go to create memorable photographs.


Others on hand to help make things so perfect for Amanda and Bart;

Their family members who oversaw everything getting set up properly.
Photographer - Jamie and Sheila Gardner - JOG Photography
Reception DJ - David Price

At the end of the evening, Amanda and Bart made their exit through the uplifted sparklers of their family and friends. This is such a grand way to make an exit and so festive for a couple beginning a new life together as husband and wife.

Amanda and Bart, I know you are going to have a great life together. You are both such dynamic people and it is written in your wedding date what is to come. May every bit of it be fun to live and a joy to share with others.


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