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Jim and Karen Marry in Polynesian Style

Karen and Jim are avid sailors and travelers and for their fun wedding they wanted to give a nod to their upcoming honeymoon to Tahiti and Bora Bora. Complete with hula and fire dancers provided by South Sea Dancers - who also doubled as the DJ - it was a unique celebration of love and life. Their neighbors had very graciously offered the use of their back yard for the event and the pool and decorations created a Polynesian ambience that was perfect for the luau theme. The full moon above was an added gift from Mother Nature.

You entered through this gate into a Polynesian luau setting and everyone received a beautiful lei.

Jim and I did some last minute planning and he wasn’t yet aware of the nice surprise Karen had for him.

I was to await the appointed moment and when it came, he and I entered to take our places while this lovely young friend of the family began to sing to him. Jim got all teary-eyed.

She continued to sing as Karen made her entrance, carrying her beautiful, tropical bouquet by The Flower Cupboard.

The pool and Polynesian decorations created a lovely backdrop for this happy celebration.

Jim’s dad, in his 80s, and Karen’s 94 year old grandmother were happily watching the ceremony and, as you will see later, were fully immersed in the festivities of the night. Age? Bah! Their hearts and their spirits are as young as ever!

After the ceremony and the delicious luau dinner came the official cake cutting moment. This stunning cake was created by Donna Ford of Sweet Memories and it was almost too beautiful to cut.

After that, the DJ had everyone out on the dance floor all around the pool. Leading the fun were Jim’s dad and Karen’s grandmother. I think they pretty much out-danced everyone!

There was a big dance performance in store for all of us, starting with the hula dancers,

and ending with a fire dancer. What a great show!

South Sea Dancers is a Hawaiian family now living in North Carolina and they do know how to do it right. I recommend them highly.

After the dancers performed, then came the hula lessons! Quite a few brave souls got up to join in and many hearty laughs ensued. It was great fun.

Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) to the many people whose photos Karen and Jim posted on Facebook and I have used here. And mahalo to Karen and Jim for including me in your sweet, beautiful wedding. I was transported back to Hawaii for a few hours, starting with your hula girl greeters and the leis.

It is believed by many that wishing on a full moon means wishes are fulfilled more quickly. I hope you made a special wish on your wedding moon.



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