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Danielle and Adam - The Fairy Tale Love Comes True at Last at The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary

...and the Prince and Princess were married at last (after 18 years!) to live happily ever after. The Prince was so happy that he kissed his Bride for a long, long, long time.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a beautiful young girl named Danielle and a handsome young boy named Adam. Danielle and Adam met and fell in love in high school and Adam even told Danielle he would marry her someday. But, alas, it seemed that was not to be. A magic spell called Danielle and Adam to different quests in life and their paths took them away from each other. Occasionally over the years they would see each other again but they were each on their own path and were not to be deterred. Eventually Danielle had a bright and charming little son.

Then one day the spell was broken. A way to stay in contact was found and their old bond became a kind and helpful friendship - albeit in different kingdoms. As good friend do, they helped each other through tough times and one day Adam’s path was pointing to a move to Danielle’s kingdom. The ladylove that he had never stopped loving was now on his horizon at last.

As their friendship grew and deepened through the next year, they began to think of themselves as a little family and with delighted happiness their own families cheered when they one day told them they were planning to marry.

So here we are, back to where this post began - Danielle and Adam beginning their happily ever after.

They chose for the setting of this magical celebration The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary. Ami Wheeler, the Social Catering Manager, was on hand to make sure this wonderful fairy tale had a splendiferous castle for a backdrop. She is a real delight to work with - very caring, efficient and knowledgeable and one of the best in her field. Great job as always, Ami.

Because family is THE most important thing to this couple, Danielle was escorted down the aisle by both her father and her son.

Danielle and Adam wrote a letter to their mothers that was touching beyond words and then gave them each a book and roses. Adam’s father did a reading about love and Danielle’s father wrote his reading about bringing family together.

 Both were very touching.

After her father’s reading, Danielle, Adam and Joshua then braided a rope as a wonderful symbol of family unity and that rope will be proudly displayed in their home. This will be a very sweet memento.

Danielle and Adam each wrote something special to the other that they read during the ceremony. Eighteen years of life and emotion were encapsulated in those words and it was very moving.

At the end of the ceremony came the breaking of the glass - but with a twist. There were three glasses tied together (as you saw in one of the photos above) and Adam, Danielle and Joshua all stepped on them at the same time, breaking three individual glasses. This was followed by my introducing them as husband, wife and family and an immediate giant cheer from all the guests.

So the fairy tale had come true at last. Love triumphs over all. 

Other wedding professionals on hand to celebrate this love story;

Music for the ceremony - an Arioso Strings duet with Ed on guitar and Craig on violin - superb as ever

Music for the reception - Joe Bunn - Joe Bunn DJ Company - first class style all the way


Photographer - Shane Snider and his assistant, Lindsey Wachter - Shane Snider Photography - I love his work and his happy smile! (Many thanks to Shane for the use of his photos in this post.)

Videographer - Joshua on his Flip video camera

Danielle and Adam, since I was a little girl I have always loved fairy tales. Thank you for allowing me to participate in one as beautiful as yours.


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