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Penny and Aric Christen Their Son, Jackson, at Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Durham

I had the wonderful opportunity of marrying Penny and Aric in a lovely ceremony in January of 2010.  (Here’s a link to the blog post I wrote about it.) They were the first couple I had ever seen who had only children in their bridal party. Because they did not yet have any children of their own, the children were of their family and friends and this made for a truly adorable bridal party.

Obviously, children are important to Penny and Aric and they planned to start having children as soon as possible. In March 2011 they became the proud parents of an adorable little boy they named Jackson.

I was overjoyed to learn of Jackson’s arrival and to later be asked by Penny and Aric to preside over his christening. On July 16, 2011, we gathered at Penny’s mother’s church, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, for an intimate christening ceremony with Penny and Aric, their mothers, and their friend, Robin Lin.

Penny is a professional photographer (Penny Noell Photography) and their friend, Robin Lin, is as well (Robin Lin Photography). Both ladies are renowned photographers in the local wedding industry and both brought their cameras along. All the photos used here were taken by Robin, except for the one of Robin, taken by Penny. Thanks for letting me use your sweet photos, ladies.

After the ceremony, we all took photos of ourselves with the little man of the hour;

Jackson with his proud mommy, Penny

the beaming parents, Penny and Aric, with me holding their adorable little Jackson

 a group shot with everyone except Robin, who was behind the camera

 Robin with Jackson

me with Jackson

The intimacy of the ceremony was very touching and perfect for the special moment we were commemorating. After the ceremony and photos were completed, we all went to lunch together and continued the happy camaraderie. Jackson decided to take a nap for a while - he had had a full morning.

 It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony, and a special moment in the life of this family. Penny hinted at more babies to come and I can’t wait to be a part of all their christenings as well. Watching families grow from love will always touch my heart.


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