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Make A Rosary From Your Bridal Bouquet Flowers or From Any Flowers That Are Special To You

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Jessica, a lovely bride whose wedding I ministered yesterday, carried a beautiful rosary down the aisle with her bouquet. When I asked about it, she told me that it had been a gift from her mother and was made of the flowers from her beloved grandmother’s funeral. Jessica’s grandmother had not lived to be a part of her wedding but Jessica was making sure she was there with her all the same with a quietly beautiful and heartfelt showing of her love. Even more touching was the fact that her grandmother had known her funeral flowers were to be made into a memorial rosary and that Jessica would be carrying it with her when she married.

I was so incredibly touched by that rosary that I wanted to share it here with others. I was not even aware that one could make beads from flowers, much less turn flowers into a beautiful rosary, so I went online later that night to see what I could learn about it.

It turns out that there are a few companies online that do this sort of work and the flowers can be any flowers - wedding flowers, christening flowers, funeral flowers - any flowers that have been special to you. The bead colors matched the colors of the flowers used and all sorts of flowers were used, not just roses. What a beautiful and touching gift this would be for yourself or for anyone else you care about and what a wonderful keepsake it would be to commemorate those special moments and connections in a life.

The photo shown above is not of Jessica’s rosary, although it is very similar. Her beads must have been made from deep red roses as they were a deeper red than are shown here. When the wedding photos are posted, I will include a photo of Jewsica and her rosary.

If this is something you might like to research further, here are some websites of companies that specialize in turning flowers into rosaries and keepsake jewelry;

Rosaries From Flowers
Keepsake Rosaries
Floral Rosary
Heaven Sent Rosaries
Rosary Shop
Heart Keepsakes


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