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Information On Premarital Counseling from Guest Writer, Dr. Nicole Imbraguglio

This is the first time I have ever had a guest writer for a blog post. The subject is so important I thought you might like to hear what a professional counselor has to say about the merits of premarital counseling. She and I were both trained with the Prepare/Enrich training program and it is indeed a wonderful technique that allows the counselor to assess a couple’s areas of conflict and to help them find effective ways to address them.

Here is Dr. Imbraguglio’s insightful post;

Sometimes hearing about “premarital counseling” can feel like a four-letter word when you’re in the midst of wedding planning. This is supposed to be the happiest time of your life right?! Why would anyone need any counseling prior to their wedding when the expectation of engaged couples is that they are super excited ALL THE TIME about getting married? (Really, how many times has someone asked you “Are you excited?!” about your upcoming wedding?) Isn’t counseling supposed to be for people who are in the depths of despair or for couples who are on the brink of a break-up?

The truth is being engaged is not all peaches and cream as far as feelings go and it probably is not the happiest you have ever been in your relationship with your fiancé. Most people feel some degree of fear, loneliness, stress, and some even feel doubt that they are making the right decision. What can be the most difficult about experiencing these feelings is that most people do not feel they are supposed to be feeling that way and never talk about it as a result. Because counselors know how to listen and help with unpleasant feelings, many engaged and newly married people find it easier to talk about the more 
difficult parts of getting married with counselors than other people in their life who may not understand. 

Sometimes it just feels good to talk about how you’ve been feeling to someone who has nothing to do with the wedding.  Counselors have no opinion about what color the bridesmaids’ dresses should be or whether or not you should wear a veil. They are there just for you.  

Another way counselors specializing in premarital or newly-married issues can be helpful is to assist you and your fiancé in laying a great foundation for your marriage. A great tool to help with this is the assessment offered by the PREPARE/ENRICH program ( With the help of a counselor trained in the program, this assessment gives you EXACTLY the areas you and your partner should work on to have a satisfying long-lasting marriage. Even couples who already report having good relationships find a few premarital sessions further strengthening their relationship to be very helpful. With all the stress related to planning a wedding, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry at all about your upcoming marriage? Premarital counseling can give you just that. 

My thanks to Dr. Nicole Imbraguglio for taking the time to write this post. You can read more about Dr. Imbraguglio and the other types of personal and family counseling she offers through this link to her website or you can contact her by email or phone; 919-572-0000.


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