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Renee and Jon Celebrate Their Love and Their World Travels with a Wedding at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill

Renee and Jon are natural givers - she is a pediatric nurse at UNC and Jon is a policeman. You can tell when you meet them that they are warm and caring people and their choice of careers bears this out as well. They are also world travelers and adventurers and their love of travel has taken them all over the globe. For their honeymoon they planned a trip to Tahiti, where they had never yet been, and it was sure to be a trip of a lifetime, even for these intrepid travelers.

They are so in tune with each other that unbeknownst to the other, each had chosen the same vow from the list of vow ideas I provide. Because they wanted their vows to be secret from each other, neither knew of the other’s choice and I just couldn’t wait for the look of surprise on their faces when it came time for their vows during the ceremony. It was priceless! I have only had one other couple do that in all the years I have been doing weddings.

They chose as their wedding location the historic Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill. The wedding was held in the intimate Bryan Courtyard and the reception took place in the wonderful Old Well Room that has also entertained the likes of the young Queen Elizabeth of England. Perfect company for this globe-trotting couple, I’d say.

For their decorations, they had petals lining the aisle in the thickest edging I have ever seen and it was beautiful. The colors for the wedding were shades of purple and lavender and the petals picked this up perfectly, as did the bouquets, boutonnieres and table florals, all created by Watered Garden Florist.

photo by DJ - Randy Bennett

The ceremony took place under the large tree that is a focal point of the courtyard and the tree was strewn with lavender paper lanterns.

The Bridesmaid dresses were a lovely shade of lavender. The dresses were stunning and you can see they looked great on each of the Bridesmaids. Here is a photo that includes me, taken after the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Renee and Jon wanted to add a symbolic touch about joining their lives together and they chose a Blending of the Waters ceremony to symbolize this. They had purchased an engraved glass vial to pour the waters into and when they poured their red and blue waters together they created purple. This is a special ceremony that is not often done, unfortunately, but as the new color is created from two others, it makes for a very dramatic moment. Guests always love it, especially since so few have ever seen this before.

Their wedding planner was the very capable Rebecca Dunn of laFete, shown here with her assistant, Carly Abernathy. They were quite the dynamic duo and things went off perfectly for this very special wedding. Rebecca’s the lady on the left. Don’t they look like sisters!

The DJ for the wedding and reception was the wonderful Randy Bennett of Joe Bunn DJ Company and he was his usual friendly, kind and professional self. He is a superb DJ and I always look forward to working with him at weddings.

Their wedding cake was a fun decoration by Simply Cakes, complete with a sparkly monogram topper. Sorry my photos don’t do it the justice it deserves. It had such a happy feel to it.

As I mentioned earlier, Renee and Jon are great travelers so they naturally used that as the theme for their reception. Look at the cute suitcase box they created for the gift cards from the guests. Placed on the gift table by the photographic guest book, it made a very clever presentation and suited these world travelers perfectly.

The table names were the most fun of all. Each table was the name of one of their trip locations, with a photo of them taken at each locale. So far they have traveled to Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, Italy, Curacao, Greece, Mexico and Malta (whew!) and they were planning to honeymoon in Tahiti, which was the table name on the Bride and Groom’s table.

It was a beautiful wedding day, a fun celebration of their love and a great start to what is sure to be a grand adventure for the rest of their lives. What a treat to get to know a couple so full of life and love. My best to both of you, Renee and Jon. I hope you keep posting your travel photos so we can all continue to see the world through your adventurous eyes.


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