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Wedding Ministers from the Viewpoint of Photographer Craig Carpenter of Luster Studios

I am always telling wedding couples that we are very lucky to have such a talented and genuinely caring group of wedding professionals in our area. Weddings do not take place in a vacuum. To put together a wedding, whether large or small, requires a group effort on the part of everyone involved; the couple, the parents, the wedding planners, the minister, the DJ, the musicians, the photographer, the cake baker, the florist, the hair and make-up artist, the venue and its staff... the list is seemingly endless.

As a wedding professional, not only do you get to be a part of such a special day in the life of the couple and their families, but you also get to establish warm friendships with and admiration for many of those with whom you work repeatedly. One such professional whose work I greatly admire is the very kind and thoughtful photographer, Craig Carpenter of Luster Studios. Craig took all the photos here and is the reason for this blog post.

Shown with me in the photos are Rev. Kayelily Middleton in violet and Rev. Robin Renteria in white. All three of us are wedding ministers who met through the local wedding industry and formed a great friendship. I enjoy their friendships immensely and turn to them whenever I need wise advice. I also trust their professional instincts and caring natures and always refer them to wedding couples when I am not available for their weddings. Kayelily and Robin refer me as well and we all know the others will provide an excellent service to the couple.

Imagine our great surprise and delight when Craig approached us to ask our permission to do a blog post about us and to include a photo shoot. A photo shoot for ministers?! Wow. That had never happened for any of us before. We were completely flattered to be asked and upon reading his blog post and seeing the photos, we were also deeply touched. (Thanks so much, Craig.)

He wrote an insightful article about wedding ministers from a photographers’s viewpoint and mentioned some things I had never thought about before. It was good to gain a broader perspective and to have another professional mention that it really does take everyone to make a wedding perfect.

For the photographs, he caringly took the time to make us all look pretty, despite our being nervous about having our photos taken. (You cannot see that nervousness in the photos. Wedding couples must love that he can do that for them!) I hope you will take the time to go read his post and look around his website and galleries. You, too, will see the craftsmanship and the eye for detail that he brings to his work. They are part of what make him so successful as a photographer.

I’ll close this post with this wonderful photo of Kayelily, Robin and me that perfectly captures the feel of our friendship. It is a truly gifted photographer who can catch such intangible things so well.


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