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Jennie and Eddie Christen Their Son, Henry, December 26, 2010

I married Jennie and Eddie in a beautiful, elegant ceremony in August 2008 and a few months ago they called me for the christening of their son, Henry. This is such a special time in their lives and how happy I was to be asked to share in it with them.

The ceremony was to be held in their home the day after Christmas to take advantage of all their family being in town. But on Christmas night we had a big snowstorm so we all waited to see how much snow we would get and how clear the roads were going to be. In the end, we got 7” of snow and although the roads weren’t clear, my little all wheel drive car managed to get me there and back. And how beautiful was the drive! Everything was white and pristine, covered in a clean and sparkling blanket of snow. It struck me as I was driving there what a perfect symbolism this was for a christening.

Little Henry was quite the charmer! And such huge eyes like his mama. It was great to see everyone again and very touching to see them all interacting with Henry. I particularly enjoyed watching Jennie and Eddie as parents. They are both naturals and Henry is going to have a great life growing up with them.

After the ceremony, there was a lot of food because most of their guests were snowed in and could not make the drive so we all indulged ourselves with the delicious food, great conversations and taking photos of ourselves with Henry, our little man of the hour. It was a fun way to celebrate the newest member of the family and you could tell everyone was having a wonderful time.

Jennie’s sister, Kate, was the Godmother.

Here is all the family together. Quite a handsome bunch, wouldn’t you say. You can sure see where Henry’s good looks come from!

And of course, here I am with little Henry. He’s a solid, adorable little guy and was certainly enjoying all the extra attention. I was smitten with him immediately.

Jennie and Eddie, thank you so much for allowing me to participate in the next phase of your life together. It was a real treat for me to meet Henry and to be a part of his welcome to the world. I can’t wait to meet all your children in the years to come!


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Unknown said…
Wonderful pictures of an adorable, very much loved new person! Lovely family for Henry to join.