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Season’s Greetings! Barbara and Bruce Create a Christmas Wonderland in Their Home

I have always loved Christmas - the joys, the sounds, the smells, the decorations, even the craziness. I love it all.

My husband, Bill, and I have some friends who are great collectors of Christmas decorations and they have been making and collecting items for many, many years. They recently had guests over to the house for a Christmas gathering and we got to experience again their love of all things Christmas. They have graciously allowed me to use photos taken that evening in this post and I have way more good shots than I can possibly include here, but here are some to give you an idea of what fun it was to walk into the Christmas Wonderland they created in their home. It took them over two weeks to set everything up, so you can imagine how much was there.

This is the entrance area to the house.


Even their doormat was special.

Once inside the house, there were decorations everywhere you looked. It was magical!

They had even built their own creche! Bruce built the stable and Barbara made and fired the figures by hand. It was obvious this had all been done with love.

Their daughter had given them this amazing painting from a local artist, RJ McDonald. Notice anything special about Santa’s tree? (hint: enlarge the photos and look at the tree top and in the branches)

Under their Christmas tree, decorated with family ornaments and ornaments they have found in their travels through the years, they had created a tiny little town. Barbara had built many of the buildings by hand and Bruce had created a multi-level base to fit around the tree. They covered it with “snow” and set up the town.

There was Christmas everywhere you looked, in all shapes, colors and sizes - including even the kitchen! What a treat to find new little scenes with so much attention to detail in every little vignette. It was like being in a magical Christmas museum.

You could feel all the love and care they had so tenderly placed in their Christmas items and it must have been wonderful for their children to have grown up with that. It certainly was a treat for us to be able to share in the special Christmas cheer. Can’t wait to see how they set it all up next year!

Bruce and Barbara, thank you for sharing your home and your generous spirits with us. We hope your holiday season is a magical time with family and friends and happy memories to savor forever.


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