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Rebecca and Mike Celebrate a Love Story with a Happy Ending - at The Rand-Bryan House in Garner


Many of us have gone to the movies to watch a love story, but Rebecca and Mike’s own love story actually started at a movie theater when they were working together in high school. Life took them in different directions after graduation, but Mike's feelings for Rebecca never changed. He said he was just waiting for Life to bring her back to him... which it did about 2 years ago. And low and behold, Rebecca's heart was still open, too, so that little spark from long ago grew into a mighty flame.

Naturally, they could not have their wedding without some reference to their relationship's beginning so everyone received a familiar popcorn box full of the traditional concession stand candies we all love. Attached to each box was their story and the Carmike tickets decorating the boxes were saved from the actual movie theater at which they worked so long ago. You would have thought they were saved just for this day! It was absolutely charming and a big hit with all the guests.

They chose as their wedding location the bright and cheery Rand-Bryan House in Garner. I love doing weddings there because all the sunshine streams into the house from the expansive grounds and it always feels so clean and happy. Here are the tables set up from the front room into the sunroom.

And notice the clean and simple centerpieces which, along with all the wedding florals, were provided by Tre Bella Florist.

On hand to coordinate everything and make sure it all went off perfectly was Jenn Carlin of Triangle Catering. Not only in charge of the food and decorations, she was a wiz at keeping everyone on schedule so Rebecca and Mike's plans were handled in style. Very efficient and most patient and kind, I will certainly be looking forward to working with her again at future weddings. Here she is directing guests when they arrived.

It was a glorious day for a wedding and even the trees were in full autumn splendor for the celebration. Although you can't see it very well in this photo, the DJ, Frank Meldau of Joe Bunn DJ Company, was on hand to provide the musical backdrop for the day and he placed himself inside the little brick shelter under the tree. The wedding was held in the lawn to the right of this tree.
The clean, simple elegance of the day was picked up in the cake by Jennifer Stevens of  Ambrosia Cake Creations. Her cakes are always so beautiful.

After the wedding, where Rebecca and Mike had spoken beautiful, hand-written vows to each other, the guests went to the house for refreshments. These inviting tables were placed along the front porch area of the house.

This table was set up to hold the guest book and gift cards as well as the unique cake plate that all the guests were to sign as a wedding keepsake for the Bride and Groom.

Rebecca and Mike had contacted me for their wedding because a few years earlier I had ministered the wedding of Mike's sister, Christiana. Christiana and her husband, David, were in Rebecca and Mike's wedding party and it was great to see them again and see them still blissfully in love. I always love running into couples I've married and this happy occasion was especially nice for a reunion.

The photographers for the day were Karen Bonneau and Monte Mauney of Bonneau and Mauney Photography. They were all over the place and surely must have gotten some amazing shots.

Rebecca and Mike, your love story touched my heart and most assuredly the hearts of everyone who knows and loves you. So now you start on the sequel. There are so many wonderful story lines ahead of you and I hope every one of them continues to have a happy ending.


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