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Monica and Joe Exchange Vows at Treyburn Country Club in Durham

Monica and Joe are a handsome couple, as you can see here, and they are every bit as nice as they look. It was so much fun being a part of their wedding; everything was beautiful and elegant and they were warm and easy-going through the whole process. That is always a good combination for a happy wedding.

Their romance began many years ago, when they were in the 8th grade. They went to a Valentine’s Dance together and, although life eventually parted them, they met again in 2006 and have been inseparable ever since. Someone had framed this great write-up and photo of that first date. Such a sweet way to begin a romance.

They chose as their wedding location the beautiful Treyburn Country Club in Durham. Weddings are always special there because the setting is so amazing and this particular day, with all the trees glowing in their autumn splendor, it was even more gorgeous than usual.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful for Monica and Joe. Here are the arbor where we stood for the wedding, the sun glowing on the back of the clubhouse and the sun shining on the walkway where we all entered for the ceremony. Everything was glowing that day, including Monica and Joe.

The Special Events Coordinator at Treyburn is Lauren Barry, who was so very kind, patient and friendly. She was a joy to work with and Monica and Joe both commented to me about how great she was for them.

The flowers for the whole event were provided by Flowers by Gary and they were just perfect for the day.

 Monica added a special touch to her bouquet by attaching her grandmother’s brooch.

While we waited for the wedding to begin, Joe was chatting with the ladies of the Bridal Party and I couldn’t resist getting a cute photo.

The simple, elegant cake was provided by Cinda Putnam of Cinda’s Creative Cakes. Everything she creates is beautiful.

The wonderful DJ for the day was Randy Bennett of Joe Bunn DJ Company. I always love working with Randy. He is quiet and unassuming, has the couple’s best interests at heart and always knows how to keep things moving along with just the right style. First class all the way.
Monica and Joe, may you have many happy Valentine dances together and may those beaming smiles on your wedding day remain forever on your faces and in your hearts.


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