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Erica and Michael Celebrate their Wedding at The Arrowhead Inn in Durham

Erica and Michael met in a Spanish class at UNC many years ago and it was three months before she finally got up the courage to ask him out. They’ve been together ever since that first date and on a very cold and sunny day this December they married under a beautiful white gazebo at The Arrowhead Inn.

Originally, the wedding was to have been a surprise for all their guests, with them being invited to what they were to think was an engagement party, but Erica and Michael just couldn’t contain themselves and eventually spilled the beans. That didn’t stop their families from celebrating with high excitement and joy and despite our all standing outside in the cold for the wedding, Erica and Michael said their vows in the outdoor wedding that was very important to them. So important, in fact, that even though Erica was sleeveless in her lovely wedding dress while the rest of us were shivering in our coats, she says she never even felt the cold.

They chose as their wedding location the very special Arrowhead Inn, lovingly cared for by the innkeepers, Gloria and Phil Teber. Decorated up for Christmas, it lent an even more special ambiance to the house and grounds and it matched the festive mood of the wedding couple and their guests.

After the ceremony, everyone lingered outside a bit, waiting for the photographer to get a group shot. Their families had come in from all over the USA and it was very important to Erica and Michael that they get a shot of everyone together. While we waited, I was able to catch a couple candid moments with my camera while the happy couple greeted their guests. It was all very sweet.

And someone even got a shot of me with the handsome newlyweds.

Afterwards, they all went into the house to share a meal at a beautiful table set up beside the Christmas tree in the back parlor.  It looked so charming and inviting, like a Norman Rockwell painting.

The simple, elegant cake was provided by The Cake Lady, who always does lovely cakes.

It was a cold day, but all the emotions were so warm you would have almost never known it. Erica and Michael, I hope you are always surrounded by the warm, kind love that was so evident on your wedding day.

Others on had to make the day a success;

Flowers - Nancy Dawson of Special Event Florals
Photographer - David Gardner ( I only got his name, but I will add his information here once I get it)

Gloria - Thanks so much for sending me out with that warm and delicious apple cider. It was wonderful!


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