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Andrea and Patrick Exchange Vows at Briar Chapel in Chapel Hill

I first met Andrea and Patrick at the wedding of their good friends, Nicole and Terence, when I was the minister for their wedding. We were all seated at the same table and as luck would have it they were also going to be looking for a minister on down the line so when the time came, they called me. Of course I was thrilled to be a part of their day and what a beautiful day it was. Hot, yes, but glorious as only a sunny September day in NC can be.

Andrea and Patrick chose as their setting the clubhouse of the new Briar Chapel area and what a wonderful location that is. Bright, airy, cheery and beautifully designed to accommodate a lot of people, it was a perfect setting for the happy, care-free wedding Andrea and Patrick had put together. There were so many unique and special elements to this wedding that I could not tell the story well without a lot of photos... so enjoy their creative handiwork on display here.

First, some views of the building and grounds.


It really is a great location and lent itself beautifully to the colorful decorations and the happy atmosphere that ran throughout the building.

Speaking of decorations, Andrea and Patrick had chosen peacock feathers as a base design theme and picked up the colors and details from there. The tablecloths were bright blue and green and there were peacock feathers everywhere - in the table centerpieces,

the candle decorations and the many feather wreaths,

the cake table decorations and the cake topper itself,

even the Maid of Honor and the Best Man were wearing them. Very clever.

The guest gift table was wonderful. Complete with sweets and beautiful boxes to put them in, they had also made a CD of favorite songs (great choices!), so it was quite a charming display.

To match with the sweetness, Andrea and Patrick did a wonderful dance routine together and I noticed how Patrick was looking at his beautiful new wife. If you click on this photo to enlarge it, you can really see the love in his eyes.

Another fun thing they did was to set up a do-it-yourself photo studio, complete with a backdrop and interesting hats to play with. Lots of feathers there too, so maybe people played around with those as well. Very clever idea.

On hand to make sure everything went off perfectly for this happy couple was Catherine Katz of Cherished Celebrations. This was the first time we had ever worked together for a wedding and she did an excellent job - very kind and efficient, which is always a good combination. Here is a photo of her on the left, standing beside the terrific photographer for the event, Lindsay Emeigh of lbe photography. Can’t wait to see her photos online. I could tell she was getting some great shots.

Others who helped create this magical evening were;

Caterer - Jorgie Brown of The General Store Cafe
Florists - David Baker and Charles House of University Florist
Wedding Cake - Tracy of A Cake Tray
Ceremony Guitarist - Jon Boisvert
Reception Band - Shine

Here are some more happy faces from the wedding;

Andrea and Patrick with their friends, Nicole and Terence. 

And Andrea and Patrick dancing the night away with the style, charm, and full attention to detail that define them so well.

Many happy days to you both. Your life together is going to be very special - it’s written all over your faces.


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