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Brooke and Al marry in Chapel Hill at The Carolina Inn

Brooke and Al are a terrific couple and each has twinkling eyes - a sure sign that they both enjoy life to the fullest. As I write, they are just finishing up a three week honeymoon in Europe and must surely have  filled up every moment, creating lots of special memories.

Al has two lovely daughters who were a part of the wedding party and here is a photo of him with his oldest. How proud she looks standing with her dad.

She was so into the wedding that she had her braces done in two of the colors Brooke and Al chose for their color scheme!

Speaking of the color scheme, things were a riot of bright, cheery colors all over the place - in the bouquets, provided by Preston Flowers;

the aisle flowers;

the Bridesmaids dresses;

even the Sand Ceremony they included during the wedding;

And Brooke looked elegant through it all in her beautiful and unusual gown. I’m sorry my photo of it doesn’t do it the justice it deserves.

The ceremony was held in the intimate Bryan Courtyard of The Carolina Inn and the exquisite harp music was provided by Laura Byrne, a warm personality and a musical genius. I always love working with her because she is such a special person and her music is superb.

Two more special people helping make the event a success were Martha Manning, the photographer, and Cori Stocum, the wedding planner. As you can see here, not only was the wedding covered professionally, but because Brooke and Al set a fun and friendly tone, everyone could relax and have a great time together.

(Unfortunately, this will be one of Cori’s last weddings because she is retiring to be a full time mom now that her daughter is starting school and getting involved in more activities. Cori and I have one more wedding together before her “retirement” and I am going to miss her cheery face and efficient ways.)

Outside the reception hall was this wonderful creation by Brooke’s mom - a towel cake with one of Brooke’s old Barbie dolls as the cake topper. I was told by a guest that Brooke’s mom is famous for making these and I’d say she outdid herself here.

 Inside, the reception area was beautifully appointed with the wedding colors artfully displayed...

including the charming wedding cake, provided by Donna Ford of Sweet Memories Bakery.

Two others on hand for the event - and equally important to its success - were Scott Russell, Martha Manning’s photographic assistant and second set of eyes, and the reception DJ, Jeff Simpson, of Simp Sound (great name!).

And of course I have to include these two adorable Flower Girls who stole everyone’s hearts.

It was a great wedding with lots of love, fun and memories for the couple with the twinkling eyes. Can’t wait to see those honeymoon photos!


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