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Kellsie and Nanuvyen Join Forces To Fight For The Powers of Love and Goodness

Crystal and Elliott are a quiet, unassuming couple who met through playing the internet game, World of Warcraft. This was my first time encountering a couple with this beginning, but I must say, they do seem very well suited for each other. When they were telling me about it, they seemed shy to tell me how they met, but listening to their story, it sounded quite adventurous and romantic and I am so happy for them that they found each other.

Crystal’s character is named Kellsie and Elliott’s character is named Nanuvyen. Their colors in the game are ivory and pink, respectively, so Crystal and Elliott chose those colors for the wedding and reception decorations. Notice Elliott’s pink bow tie and vest and Crystal’s ivory gown.

Along with their family, many of the online friends they have made through the game came to join them for the ceremony and the revelry that followed afterwards. It made for a fun gathering and I could tell it was going to be a great celebration with family and friends. Here they are right after the wedding, with everyone around them.

The ceremony was held in the front parlor of the wonderful Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern in Raleigh and the reception was held downstairs in the airy, sunlit atrium. Located downtown, the restaurant is the historic Dodd-Hinsdale House, in the Second Empire architectural style, that has been converted into a dining treat. If you have not been, I heartily recommend it. The restaurant has won numerous awards, the food is delicious and the atmosphere top rate. Not to mention the staff are excellent. Tracy Thorpe, the Manager and Special Events Coordinator, was on hand as always to make sure it was an exemplary environment for the wedding and reception.

It was a beautiful, sunny day to match the happy characters of Crystal, Elliott - and all their guests. On each plate in the reception were packets of flower seeds with a cute poem on them that I think speaks perfectly of how Crystal and Elliott see their future;

May your life together bring you all the joys, the excitement, the adventures and the love that you foresee.


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Crystal said…
Thank you Barbara for everything, you took really good care of us and we had a wonderful time! I hope we keep in touch!!
I so enjoyed meeting you both and being a part of such a special day in your life. I hope we keep in touch, too, so I can know how your lives are progressing.

Please give my regards to your families and friends. It was fun meeting everyone.