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Jamie and Richie marry with their children around them at The Cotton Room in Durham

Is this a handsome family or what?! Jamie and Richie met and fell in love. It was meant to be. They are two people who have been through a lot in their lives but have found their soulmates at last. There was so much love in the air that day and it was all I could do to keep back the tears on many moving occasions throughout the ceremony, starting with Richie’s almost sprinting up the aisle to meet Jamie and escort her the rest of the way to me.

Their handsome Bridal Party was most of their children, all dressed to the nines and glowing with happiness. I think I even saw some tears in their eyes during the ceremony. Their youngest brother, only a few months old, made his entrance in his father’s arms as we began and then he sat with his grandmother until we were finished.

The rings were carried in on buckets of moss - a unique and charming touch.

The ceremony was held in The Cotton Room at Golden Belt in Durham, and what a great location it is. For this morning wedding, light was streaming in from all sides, adding an almost ethereal touch to the great urban ambiance of the room.

Jamie and Richie are both excellent photographers and share their love of photography in their wedding photo business, Jagg Photography. You owe it to yourself to go check out their website. The photos are wonderful and the text is even more so... it’s a great mix and it shows who they really are. I love going there regularly to check out what’s new. 

Their last name begins with an S and instead of gifts from everyone (which they decided they didn’t need) they asked everyone to bring them some sort of an S to put up in their home. What a collection they must have gotten! Here is the huge S that Richie made, sitting in the front when you entered the room. It is surrounded by photos of them taken by a photographer friend in Las Vegas at a recent photographer’s convention. (Many of the photos from that session are on their website.)

And here are some other Ss set up further  down the room...

Fun items placed around the room were a photo stand to take photos of all their guests...

And some antique cameras that also doubled as props for the photos. You can see some great photos of this happy combination on their website.

Right after the ceremony, when the Bride and Groom would normally exit out the aisle, Jamie and Richie chose instead to have their first dance right then and there, followed immediately by a family dance, fully choreographed and charmingly danced by the whole clan.

Jamie and Richie, I will never forget you and your deep love for each other. And I will always have a fond place in my heart for your family dance. You are all going to have a full and happy life together, there is no doubt.


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jamie staggs said…
awwww!!! so sweet!! we can't even tell you how happy we were with our ceremony and how professional you were, and just awesome to work with! THANK YOU for everything you did and for helping make our day PERFECT!!! we couldn't have ever wished for a more perfect day!

much love,
our WHOLE family.....
richie, jamie, maegan, brittany, brennan, josh, jaden, and zack STAGGS!
Thanks, Jamie. You and your family have touched my heart and I hope you will keep me posted through the years as the children grow into adulthood and you and Richie live happily ever after.