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Emily and Jay marry at The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary

Emily and Jay have been together since high school. Through the 12 years of their relationship, some of that time has been spent apart during their extensive educations but they have always remained together since their first date on February 4 - which they have now commemorated with their wedding date. This is a couple who know each other very well, have stood by each other through thick and thin and to whom commitment means everything.

The wedding and celebrations were not only planned to be eco-friendly but they also served vegan food. Reflective of Emily and Jay’s lifestyle, these were thoughtful and caring touches and I thoroughly enjoyed the interesting and unexpected food choices they provided.

Emily’s dress was made by a seamstress, Marie Cordella, based on a photo of a dress that Emily had found in a magazine. It was simple, lovely and fit like it was made for her - which of course it was.

The ceremony was held at the Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary and coordinated by Angie Wright of Chic Details. Angie is a consummate professional and had everything running smoothly. Held in the ballroom with soft lighting and minimalist decorations of tree branches strung with hanging candle globes, it was beautiful in its simplicity and matched Emily and Jay’s sense of style perfectly. The decorations and florals were provided by Steve Taras of The Watered Garden, who also does the floral arrangements for The Umstead. Magnificent work always. You can see the branches here, used as the ceremony backdrop.

And later they were moved to the reception tables for the centerpieces.

Birds are special to Emily and Jay. The bridal party entered the ceremony to a song about birds as a metaphor of love and commitment entitled, Shake Our Tree. Written and performed by a local band they admire, The Rosebuds, it was a fun way for a wedding to begin.

You could see other birds on display throughout the reception area. Each of the tables were named for different birds and Emily and her mother had used Audubon bird prints for table cards and place cards.

There was even a blue bird of happiness on the top of their wedding cake. Provided by Donna Ford of Sweet Memories Bakery, it was an exquisitely decorated cake.


Others on hand to make the event a success were;

Photographer - Heather Swanner of Heather Swanner Photography
DJ - Steven Penny of Southeastern Entertainment
Events Coordinator, The Umstead Hotel and Spa - Ami Wheeler
Poet - Brad Pulley, Emily’s brother
Reader - Natalie Stewart, Jay’s sister

Emily’s brother wrote a beautiful poem about Emily and Jay’s long-standing love and commitment and Jay’s sister read it beautifully during the ceremony. Emily and Jay exited the ceremony to The Turtles’, Happy Together, and that, too, fit them perfectly. I can see them forever more, hand-in-hand, walking through life together - just as they have always done. Fly free and happy, little birds.


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Anonymous said…
There are no pictures of the poignant wedding ceremony that Reverend Lodge wrote for my husband and I, but it meant more than anything else.

I leave this small recommendation with heartfelt thanks,

Reverend Lodge could not have written a better ceremony for our wedding. She was a true joy to work with, always warm and professional. She took the time to explain the aspects of traditional ceremonies and then listened to what we wanted in a ceremony and made adjustments accordingly. We felt that she also took the time to know us and had an intuitive understanding of themes that would resonate.

Reverend Lodge wrote an articulate and poetic wedding ceremony that spoke to the power of the marriage bond, friendship, and family. We believe it is the strength of her own marriage that gives her the insight to write treasured addresses. She delivers her words with serene confidence, has a magnificent and inflective speaking voice, all with great poise and professional attire.

We encourage all brides and grooms to contact Reverend Lodge about their ceremony.
Dear Emily

I am deeply touched by what you have written. Thank you very much. You and Jay were such a joy to get to know and to create a ceremony with and I am going to miss you. I hope you will stay in touch occasionally and let me know how you both are faring. You have such an incredible future ahead of you.