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Cheri and Kelley become Life Partners

When Cheri and Kelley contacted me to be a part of their commitment ceremony in their home, I was so pleased that I could be there for them on such a special day in their lives. The love between them had come shining through in their emails and it always warms my heart to be around people so deeply in love. That’s one of the best things about my work and it feeds my soul to see love manifest in so many ways for so many lives.

Cheri and Kelley have a deep and abiding spiritual faith and know for certain that God brought them together. They have been friends since childhood days in the same neighborhood and when Life brought itself full circle, they visited each other again after six years and that friendship bloomed into an amazing love that has transformed both their lives.

This ceremony and gathering of friends and family was all about love and being there for each other. The Unity Candle was engraved with a wonderful saying that speaks perfectly of their love and the box that held their rings said all the rest.

They had an altar set up, holding their personal vows, the rings and the Unity Candles. Set into one of the most interesting wooden bowls and pedestals I have ever seen, it made a beautiful presentation of the love it was there to represent and contain.

All around the altar were photos of beloved family members, which put a special glow into the room. An Aunt and Uncle even called during the ceremony so we included them by having them offer their blessings to the happy couple while they were still on the phone. 

As you might expect, with so much love in abundance, there were tears of happiness and moments of sweetest tenderness. Cheri had written a poem to Kelley but she was so overcome with emotion that her sister, Angie, had to read it for her - as Kelley wiped Cheri’s tears away. By the time they read the sincere and beautiful vows they had written to each other there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

After the ceremony was over and the photos were taken, Cheri and Kelley took a moment to snuggle with their dog, Barkley. He’s their baby and he seemed very happy to have his parents making everything official at last - and now get back to paying him some attention.

I learned after the ceremony that they had designed a logo for the 3 of them (Kelley, Cheri and Barkley) and had it tattooed on their ankles. Notice the Roman numeral 13 in the tatoo. Thirteen is very significant to them and it is why they chose to have their ceremony on February 13. While some consider 13 to be an unlucky number, in ancient times it was an auspicious omen of good things to come and a firm foundation under your feet. Seems most appropriate here.

Cheri and Kelley are quite a special couple and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their love on that day. I now have two more very kind friends. Here is a photo of us all together.

Because it was important to Cheri and Kelley that God be present at their ceremony, I wrote the ceremony around a quote from The Song of Solomon; “This is my beloved, and this is my friend.” Here they are with their hands on that verse in their Bible. I love this photo. It captures who both of them truly are. My compliments to the photographer.

Ladies, you have touched my heart. The sweetness of your ceremony and the kindnesses you have shown me I will carry with me always. You are sure to have a blessed life together.


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Cheri and Kelley said…
Thank you Rev. Lodge, from the bottom of our hearts. You are a remarkable woman and we were so honored that you performed our ceremony. Here's hoping that the number 13 becomes special to you too !!! You truly are one of a kind.
Barkley sends his warmest wishes to you !!!

Cheri and Kelley
Thank you for your very kind words and sentiments. It was a true honor to be a part of something so special in your lives.

My best to Barkley as well! (What a great name.)