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Alicia and Valencia Commit Their Lives to Each Other in Raleigh

When Alicia and Valencia (known to their friends as AJ and Vee) contacted me about being the minister for their commitment ceremony, we all felt an instant connection and I was so pleased they decided to sign with me. Putting together their ceremony with them and writing it so it fit them perfectly was a lot of fun and included many sweet and touching moments. Their ceremony was a celebration of the love between themselves, their families and their guests and my husband, Bill, and I were happy to be among the well-wishers.

Here is a photo of Vee and his son, Dameon. I think I fell in love with Dameon when I first met him. He is a handsome, quiet and polite young man with a huge artistic talent that I hope he pursues someday. You can tell he has had wonderful care and guidance from his parents and he should go far in his life as a result. And just look at those two great smiles!

Here’s the happy couple, beaming like crazy and happy to be committed Life Partners.

The Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaid were all the daughters of friends and family. Their dresses picked up the lovely color combination of the event, lime green and purple. Very cheery choice.

During the ceremony they celebrated their commitment with a Blending of the Sands, using green and purple sand that made a lovely keepsake for their home. On the table with the sands they had placed photos of their mother and grandmother who had both passed on. It was a lovely homage to both the women who had meant so much to them.

AJ and Vee were very clever in finding their cake. Apparently Wal-Mart provides wedding cakes (who knew?!) and this is their lovely cake.

The go-to person for the evening was their niece, Talisha Gummell. She made the bouquets, the decorations, the centerpieces... everywhere you looked there was her handiwork. It was lovely and very impressive for such a young person. I am told she hopes to one day become a wedding and event planner and she would certainly be a natural.

Their photographer was Amanda Olson and while watching her work I could see she was finding so many sweet moments to capture. I can’t wait to see her photos!

The hair and makeup were provided by Tineka Richardson of Unique’s Beauty Salon. Great job, Tineka. Everyone was beautiful and AJ was simply glowing. Her makeup even stayed on through her tears. Tineka can be reached by phone at 919-699-4377.

The ceremony was held at the Marriott RTP, which created a lovely backdrop for the deep and sincere love in evidence that evening.

It was a loving ceremony, a magical evening and a foreshadowing of the magnificent future AJ and Vee are sure to have in store together. I was so happy to have been asked to play a part and I wish you both all the best Life has to offer.


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Talisha Gunnell said…
This was one of the most heartfelt events I have ever had the oppurtunity to attend, I wish u all the best!!!!

And for my decorating assistance, I can be reached at

Talisha Gunnell
Hi, Talisha. Wasn’t it a wonderful evening! Thanks for your email address - I will add the link to it in the post.
Anonymous said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....
Thanks for stopping by, Hapi. Hope you come again.