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Joe and Karissa marry at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh

Marrying in December, the obvious choice for a design theme would be to use all the Christmas decorations in abundance around you - which is exactly what Karissa and Joe decided to do. Everything they chose had an elegance to it and Brier Creek Country Club - always an elegant setting for a wedding to begin with - was a perfect backdrop. The club is a beautiful, upscale wedding location but at Christmas they simply outdo themselves with style, color and abundance. The beautiful setting Karissa and Joe created with Brier Creek was elegant, warm and welcoming - just like they are.

The wedding planner Karissa and Joe chose to work with for their wedding was Joy Edwards of A Joyful Occasion. With her personable assistant, Lindsey Moyer, the two were an unbeatable team of efficiency, complete with walkie-talkies. It was fun to watch them work as they maneuvered us all through our paces.

Also on hand to help with the background details was Kristie Taylor, the Catering Director with Brier Creek Country Club. She, Karissa and Joe were responsible for the beautiful surroundings of the wedding and reception and they certainly did themselves proud.

All the florals for the wedding and reception were provided by Mel Day and kenju of Dogwood Tree Floral Designs. I had thought this was the first time I had seen their work but it turns out I have been an unknowing admirer of theirs for many years. They did all the glorious Christmas decorations at Brier Creek and have been doing that for quite a long time. Their work is always beautiful and for the wedding it also had a unique and elegant flair, which was a winning combination. Here is a photo of the reception centerpieces with roses hanging from golden stems.

The colors for the evening were ivory and gold amidst all the Christmas decorations and it was simply beautiful. Even the cake, provided by Donna Ford of Sweet Memories, took up the color scheme in a dazzling display of cake artistry with a golden bow at the top. I am always in awe of the wedding cake creators and Donna is certainly one of our finest in the area. I have never seen her duplicate a single cake at another wedding and every design seems more amazing than the last.

The photographer for the event was Mike Bayley of Mike Bayley Photography. I have not seen Mike in a while so it was good to work with him again. He had a lovely second photographer with him that night, Kathleen Kelly, and between the two of them they were taking what looked to be some very sweet and heart-warming shots. Can’t wait to see the photos when they are posted online.

And last but not least for the ceremony was an excellent string duo from Florian Music. What can I say - perfection as always.

Karissa and Joe, it was a wonderful wedding full of celebrating life, love and family and I don’t think I will ever forget seeing your four little stepping-stone Flower Girls in their beautiful white dresses, coming down the aisle in a line, holding hands. That was just adorable. And Karissa, wearing your mother’s wedding dress to the rehearsal was such a sweet and thoughtful homage to your mom. She must have been very touched.

I know you are going to have a grand life together and can’t wait to find out where you decide to go for you honeymoon in a few months. Have a spectacular time wherever it is!

Update - 12/14/09 - I have just learned from Karissa the name of her invitation and program designer; Mindy Sorboro of Sorboro Smiles in Cary, NC. All of the women at the reception were raving about the beautiful programs for the wedding and how unusual they were. If you are looking for something handcrafted and out of the ordinary in the way of invitations and other decorative stationary for weddings, you owe it to yourself to check out Mindy’s work.


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kenju said…
Did you know that Mel Day also did the Christmas decorations at Brier Creek? I work with him, and we have done it for at least 7-8 years.
I did not know the names of those responsible for all the Christmas beauty at Brier Creek and I am very glad you let me know. Your work is beautiful and I tip my hat to you both. Artistic credits will go into the post right now!