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Jessica and Chris exchange vows in a beautiful nature setting

Jessica and Chris are the most positive couple I have ever met. Murphy’s Law seemed to be in control for a while and if there was anything that could have gone wrong for their wedding, it did - and one thing right after another the closer the time came for the big day. But they were determined to still have a wonderful wedding day no matter what. The radiant smiles you see here remained on their faces through everything they faced. Lesser mortals might have been broken but not this plucky couple. I watched them as they took everything in stride so there is no doubt in my mind that they will overcome all the storms of life together - and do it with style. I tip my hat to them. Most impressive.

One of the things that did go right for them were the rickshaws. They had the very clever idea to hire bicycle rickshaws from Raleigh Rickshaw Company to carry their family and bridal party to and from the main house to the lawn by the pond where the ceremony was held. There were even congratulatory signs on the backs, as you see here.

In this photo you see Chris and his dad ready to be driven over to the ceremony.

After the ceremony Jessica and Chris were driven around the pond for some private time before pictures and the photo at the top of this post was taken as they returned. They were positively glowing!

It was important to Jessica and Chris that the ceremony be held in Nature and to add to that, some of Nature’s interesting elements were on display. Jessica had done some studies in Australia and while there had fallen in love with wombats so there were stuffed wombats carefully placed around. You can see one here under the table chart. You should also notice the names of the tables on the chart. Interesting choices. I can just imagine some of the conversations of the guests as they sat at the Pig Sty table or Giraffe Savannah or Hippo Hollow. What fun!

The place cards were actually stones on which the names and table numbers had been painted by hand. Not little pebbles, mind you, but palm-sized stones they had gathered from various locations, judging by the colors and the shapes.

The beautiful cake of leaves, provided by Square Rabbit, was surrounded by more stones and leant itself to the nature theme.

The harp music for the ceremony was artfully provided by Anita Burroughs-Price. With training at the Royal College of Music in London and a Master of Music at Yale University, she is quite a talented harpist. And despite the heat, look at her megawatt smile!

Some other vendors on hand to make the day special for Jessica and Chris;
Photographer - KC Ramsay of Craig and van Roden Photography

Despite everything that went wrong, this was a wedding full of heart and creativity and it fit them perfectly. During their vows, which they had kept secret from each other, Chris affectionately called Jessica his own little wombat, which brought a chuckle from everyone and touched our hearts. Jessica, especially, must have been deeply touched.

So Jessica and Chris, congratulations to you both not only on your wedding, but also for your dignity in the face of trying circumstances. Your calm in the center of the storm allowed those around you to relax and enjoy themselves.

Now about those wombats; I’d never seen one before so after the wedding I did some research and found these cute photos online from Tam Dempsey (left) and Toby Wilcox (right). The one on the right is a baby. No wonder Jessica fell in love with them!


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