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Christine and Kenny marry at Caffé Luna in Raleigh

Christine and Kenny are such a nice couple! They are the kind of people you know would be great friends to you and to each other. And with both having a twinkle in their eyes, they are surely a lot of fun to be around. It was fun to watch them tease and joke with each other.

They added many clever and witty touches to their wedding day, including a great piece of bling that the Ring Bearer carried as he came down the aisle. What looks like a round crystal is actually the giant diamond on the top of the big ring he carried proudly as he entered.

Christine and Kenny are building a new family and they wanted the ceremony to include their beautiful daughters, Brittany and Brooke. They decided to use a Blending of the Sands ceremony to symbolically show this element in their lives. Each person chose their own color of sand...

and when poured together one at a time, they ended up with this wonderful wedding keepsake. They will always remember which color of sand is theirs and this special memento will always be at Christine and Kenny’s home as a reminder of how important they are to each other and to their family.

The ceremony was held at Caffé Luna in downtown Raleigh. I love doing weddings there because no matter the time of day, the light always has a bright and cheery feel in the three rooms of the Caffé. It always feels happy in there.

The wedding favors provided for the guests were a full table of candy delights - enough to make Willy Wonka jealous. Figuring prominently on the table was an invitation to take all you like and they had monogrammed boxes to put it in. The children’s eyes must have lit up like crazy when they saw it. And I must say, I was pretty partial to the gummy bears myself.

What a cute way to let you know which were Christine and Kenny’s favorites.

Purple was the accent color of the day and their wedding cake, provided by Ashley Cakes, picked it up in the simple ribbon that wrapped around each layer. Accented with purple flower petals and a clever “We Do” sign they had placed in front of it, the cake made a great presentation.

The DJ on hand for the music was Jill Phillips of All The Right Grooves. I always look forward to working with Jill and her partner, Bethany, because they are just so much fun and very professional. That day there was a special treat - Jill’s mom had decided to come with her to watch her in action. What a nice lady.

Deftly handling the photographs was Scott Zelenka, lead photographer for Crystal Eye Photography. I had never worked with him before so it was fun for this amateur photographer to watch him work. His photos should be terrific!

Christine and Kenny, it was an honor to be a part of such a sweet wedding and to watch you and your family interact with each other. I know you will have many wonderful years ahead and I add my congratulations to the chorus of your family and friends who wish you all the best.


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