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Angie and Robert have a fun, casual wedding at the Duke Gardens Ampitheater in Durham

For Angie and Robert, their wedding was to be casual, fun and all about being with their family and friends. The wedding took place in the beautiful Duke Gardens Ampitheater that sits behind the Doris Duke Center in the gardens. It was a perfect place for a light, carefree wedding like this one and it matched Angie and Robert’s personalities to a T.

The semi-circular Ampitheater sits beside a lily pond and is so lovely that the only decorations they used were tall, water-filled glass cylinders in which floated an orchid and a candle. It was simple, elegant, modern and beautiful.

The music for the ceremony was provided by friends of the Bride and Groom - Toby Weinstein on violin and Dave Spencer, of Spencer Music, on guitar. The melodies they played floated across the Ampitheater and hung in the summer air, reflecting the emotions of the beautiful vows that Angie and Robert had written to each other.

The reception was held on the lawn and terrace behind the Doris Duke Center, with tables set up inside and out. Even the food was light and airy - delicious salads of all sorts. Such a clever idea and just the right choice to match the heat of the day.

The table decorations were simple hydrangeas in clear vases with leaves wrapped around the inside of the vase. It was a pretty effect and so simple to achieve!

One of my favorite aspects of the Doris Duke Center is the airy spaciousness of the room and the beautiful, unique, vine motif chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. Between the light from the wall of windows on both sides of the room and the soft light from these chandeliers, that room always has a special glow, day or night.

The wedding cake was actually a tower of cupcakes, provided by Kelley Gill, of Kelley G. Cupcakes. Now these weren’t your ordinary cupcakes! They were the most unusual flavor combinations I had ever tasted and they were all delicious. There was a chocolate cupcake with a lavender oil-infused icing, a pistachio/rosewater cupcake that tasted just like a rose, a blueberry cupcake with blueberry icing and even a gluten-free strawberry creme cupcake for those who have trouble with wheat. They were all gobbled up quickly and I can’t ever remember hearing adults go on and on about cupcakes like that before!

There were very few of the normal, posed photos and even those that were taken were done light-heartedly. The photographer, Lashelle Chappell, of Chappell Photography, must have had a lot of fun taking all the candid shots of everyone. In looking at her work on her website and blog, there is a lot of heart there and when the photos from this wedding are posted, there are sure to be many gems among them.

Everything about this wedding was a beautiful, sparkly beginning for a marriage. Angie and Robert, may the sparkle of your wedding day remain with you always.


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