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A new Brady Bunch! Cynthia and John blend their families at The Matthews House in Cary

Here’s a story of a lovely lady...
then one day when the lady met this fellow...
they knew this group must somehow form a family...
that’s the way they all became the Brady Bunch.

Cynthia and John (last name Brady) had known each other for a long while but their dogs actually got them together. Their dogs are their other two children and upon meeting, the two dogs became inseparable. One thing led to another and before you know it, all the other people in the two families became inseparable too.

They chose the wonderful Matthews House in Cary as the location for their wedding and what a perfect choice it was. The Matthews House is a beautifully appointed Greek Revival home and grounds in the historic heart of Cary, NC, and Nina Davis and her staff do an excellent job of making sure all goes well for their guests.

It was important to Cynthia and John that all their children play an important part in the wedding day. You could tell the children’s hearts were in everything they did and it was touching to see how important it was to them that they were included. And did they ever have great ideas during the rehearsal!

John, who it turns out has the heart of a poet, wrote a fun poem about them becoming the Brady Bunch, based on The Brady Bunch theme song that all of us know so well - and it was all I could do to keep from breaking into that catchy tune as I read his poem during the ceremony!

As a gesture of love to their children, they presented them all with a Family Medallion. Some were necklaces and some were rings and each was perfect for the age and gender of the child that received it. The design, with its interwoven circles within a larger circle, is a beautiful symbol of families blending together in love.

This was a night for family and friends, all of whom had gathered to shower this new family with their joy and best wishes. There were so many helping hands, including Cynthia’s good friend, Deanne, who did all the floral decorations for the tables and became a very capable wedding planner on the spot. And John’s handsome nephew who stood in as the DJ. One of the adorable young cousins was floating around the reception and stealing everyone’s hearts and I just couldn’t resist adding this great photo of her with Cynthia.

The evening was a special celebration of John and Cynthia’s love for each other, their love for their children, for their families and their friends. It was an honor for me to be a part of making it all happen for them.

And as they head off into the future, with their hopes and dreams riding high, I can visualize them all together in a car; four kids, two dogs and two widely smiling parents, singing their way into a happy life. I guess with a family like that you might need a bus... no wait, that’s another show.

Other wedding vendors on hand to help make the event a success;

Photography - Alicia Tegen - Alicia Tegen Photography
Bouquets - Lauren Joyner 
Wedding Cake - Audra - Audra’s Cakes and Creations


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