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Leah and Brad exchange vows at the Park Alumni Center on NC State Campus

Leah and Brad are both graduates of NC State so of course the Wolfpack was going to play into the wedding in some way. They chose to marry at the beautiful Park Alumni Center on the Centennial Campus of NC State and my goodness, what a beautiful and elegant location for a wedding that is. As you approach the Center, it looks like any other nicely-appointed office building, but as you enter the lobby, you step into a two-story, expansive gallery and your jaw drops. It is a building that lends itself beautifully to special events like this one and is sure to be a huge hit with graduates of NC State looking for a perfect place to marry.

On the outside of the building are two groupings of amazing wolf statues...

and a photo op with one of them was of course obligatory.

The nuptials were carried out under a beautiful, white satin chuppah, laden with flowers. Leah and Brad are an interfaith couple and we wrote their ceremony so it would weave in elements of both their Christian and Jewish backgrounds. It was a beautiful and respectful blending and I am sure their guests enjoyed it very much because they put so much heart into its creation.

The reception was amazing! The Bride and Grooom were both very much involved with the planning of the wedding and it was clear in everything they did. The obvious choice of color for this event would have seemed to have been black and red, in honor of NC State, but that would have been like everyone else so they decided instead to go with black, white and hot pink. What a great combo! Here is a shot taken from the balcony of the 2nd floor, looking down into the reception area.

Leah and Brad are big sports fans and Brad, being a transplanted New Yorker, especially loves the New York Yankees. So the unexpected and charming table names and place cards reflected that in a very clever way. The place cards had the Yankees logo on one side and the seating location on the other.

And the table names were all famous players and their numbers from the history of the Yankees. My husband and I sat at the Babe Ruth table and the lovely smile in this photo belongs to Leah’s grandmother, who I was lucky enough to sit beside for the evening. What a charmer!

Leah wanted to include their dogs for the wedding, but it just wasn’t practical so they found ways to include them; they were mentioned in the ceremony, there were photos of them at the Bride and Groom table, and they were shown in the adorable topper of the wedding cake. Here again is another shining example of the great work done by Cinda of Cinda’s Creative Cakes. How did she ever do that topper... and also pick up the exact style of Leah’s dress?!

Naturally, an event like this needs a great DJ and Lenny Fritts of A Touch of Class Djs is exactly that. I have worked with him many times before and he is always a true professional in everything he does. His assistant that day was KC Harmsen and they both were dressed in stylish tuxes, most appropriate for the evening. Lenny even brought along a bubble machine to make the atmosphere more romantic for Leah and Brad’s first dance! Nice touch.

It was a fun evening and a great time was had by all. Leah and Brad, your life together is going to be the best ball game you ever play and you are sure to continue to hit ‘em out of the park.

Other vendors on hand to make the event a success were;

Photographer - Bella Rose Photography


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