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Lauren and Rick marry at the Raleigh Rose Garden

It was one of those gloriously bright and sunny days that NC is famous for and it fit the feelings for the day perfectly. We all gathered at the Raleigh Rose Garden in the morning to celebrate Lauren and Rick’s wedding. They are a charming couple and I had fallen in love with them as soon as I had met them a month earlier. Everyone in the family and Bridal Party had a part in setting up the decorations, directing the guests and making sure we all began on time and Aunt Josie did the beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements.

One of the things Lauren and Rick wanted to do from the start was to honor their grandparents who had passed on and they decided to use a Sand Ceremony. Sand Ceremonies normally show the combining of two lives or two families, but for Lauren and Rick it was to show that we hold the hearts of our loved ones within us forever. It was a beautiful sentiment. And it became all the more poignant when, at the beginning of the ceremony, Rick’s dad carried in sand to represent his father and Lauren’s mom carried in sand to represent her mother. When Lauren and Rick later combined the sands during the ceremony, they chose a perfect vase - a flower - an ancient symbol of the human soul and beautifully representative of the Rose Garden where the ceremony took place.

Our keyboardist for the day was Renée Cooper, who did a wonderful job. It was our first time working together for a wedding and I can recommend her heartily to anyone looking for a good keyboardist. She was a consummate professional and knew how to keep the music timed and paced for the event, even when things didn’t necessarily go as originally planned. Renée does not yet have a website, but here is a link to her email.

Ably assisting that day as her “roadie” was her husband, Mark. (Thank goodness for our helpful husbands!)

Lauren and Rick chose as their photographer a young, budding talent in the photographic world, Cait Elizabeth. Cait is only 18 but has been photographing weddings for three years already - and her website shows she knows what she is doing. We are sure to be seeing Cait’s name rise among photographers and I am going to be able to one day say I knew her when! Here’s a sample of her work that I found on Cait’s blog, taken of Lauren and Rick for their engagement photos.

Lauren and Rick, I know you are going to be very happy together and I hope that all your children to follow will have the winning combination of your big smiles and kind hearts.


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