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the Knot serves up a fun buffet for local wedding vendors, June 11, 2009

If you have been planning a wedding, you probably already know about the knot and their highly successful wedding magazines. They have become the go-to website for all things wedding and are always being quoted and interviewed in the media. Not only do they provide useful information, but they have also grown into a community of couples planning their weddings and much more. The knot has now added a website for the newly married (the nest) and for those expecting a baby (the bump), so the knot family continues to grow.

Last week (6/11/09) the knot came to Raleigh to host an appreciation dinner for their local wedding vendors and it was a great evening. Samantha Dockery of Bliss by Sam, is one of our Raleigh wedding planners and she handled all the local details for the knot. Wakefield Plantation, a beautiful golf community clubhouse with a great lay-out and perfect for weddings, provided the location. And the food they provided was delicious! To add to the fun, a couple of local vendors added some unique additions of their own.

One was Sugarland, a shop in Chapel Hill that makes wedding cakes and other confections. But for this evening they brought along their Italian gelato bar. I had never tasted gelato before but it was exquisite. No wonder so many of us kept going back for more! They had tiny sugar cones they served the gelato in and of course we all had to try the different flavors they brought - each one better than the last. Although they only brought four flavors in their smallest gelato bar, their website shows many, many other flavors as well. I can certainly see how this would be a huge hit at a reception or a rehearsal dinner and I can’t wait for my first excuse to visit their shop in Chapel Hill!
The other fun thing going on that evening was the photo booth, provided by Shutter Booth. Remember when you were a kid at a fair or some arcade and they had those photo booths you’d go into with friends (or your siblings if your parents made you) and you mugged into the camera? Well, this is the same thing - only nicer. And if you want to revert to a kid again immediately, go into one of these! I have been hearing that this is becoming popular at weddings and I can certainly see why. Shutter Booth provided some fun dress-up paraphernalia for the photos and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves! I have included some photos from the booth with my good friend and colleague, Rev. Kayelily Middleton, and our willing husbands - all of us hamming it up like a bunch of kids. Because this was a knot event, the knot logo was on the bottom of each set of four photos printed, but for your event the text on the bottom will have your name and information, based on the specs you provide. Very clever. And waaaay too much fun. Within a few days they post all the photos taken at each event on their website (in case you lose the ones you got at your event).

One of the favors the knot gave out that night was delicious cookies with the knot logo as the icing on the cookies. The cookies were great and the reproduction in the icing was superb. This is not your mother’s icing decorations. Their brochure says, “full color images on cookies, chocolates and sugar lays” (yum!) and it appears they can do any text or photo in any color. This would be a great wedding favor or gift to be sure. The name of the company is FB&C (Freedom Bakery & Confections) and you might want to check out their website for the full range of what they can provide.

If you are looking for something really fun and/or different for your wedding or event, you can’t go wrong with any of these companies!

Also on hand to help make the event a success were the following;

Photography - Emory Lane Photography
Programs and Invitations - Twin Dogs Stationery
Floral Arrangements - Queen Ann’s Florist - 919-360-8383
Audio Visual Equipment - Total Production Services
Entertainment - DJ 360

Here’s a crop of one of the photos in a set of four, (taken of my husband Bill and I) so you can see the quality of the photos Shutter Booth takes. Bill is such a sweetie and looked too cute here when he stepped out of his normal quiet-self mode, so I couldn’t resist adding one more photo of us together...


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brianna said…
You guys had way too much fun with that Photobooth!!! I was so happy to meet you.
We did, didn’t we! :-)

It was great to meet you as well and now we have a face to go to the emails.

Thanks again for the event, Brianna.