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A romantic wedding for Becky and Alan at the Proximity Hotel, Greensboro

It was an absolutely perfect day for a romantic wedding. Becky and Alan’s first date had been on Valentine’s Day in 2006 and Alan had given her a dozen roses. (how gallant!) So for their wedding, there were red roses everywhere!

Becky and Alan chose The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro as their wedding location and the ceremony was held on the lush, green lawn with a beautiful pond in the background. As we began the ceremony, a light breeze came up and carried the harp music through the trees, creating the idyllic wedding setting many girls dream of all their lives.

The harp music was wonderfully provided by Carol Rauch, who lives in the Greensboro area and also travels portions of the state to perform at weddings. Although you can barely see her in this photo, she was a large part of making the wedding so perfect.

The colors for the day were (of course) rose red and white and were beautifully picked up throughout the day in the decorations, the red roses of the bouquets, the bridesmaid dresses, the cake... everywhere you looked. It was elegant in its simplicity and perfect for Becky and Alan.

Once inside for the reception, great fun awaited us with the DJ, Tony Williams, of A & A Disc Jockey Service, who kept the party hopping. While the food was being served, all of us at our table kept commenting about the great music that was being played so I finally went over to ask Tony who had put it all together. Becky and Alan had given him carte blanche to play whatever he wanted and what a great selection he had chosen! There were romantic ballads from the mid-20th century to the present, in no particular order, and all of them were perfectly woven together. Great job, Tony - I want a CD!

On hand to photograph the event was the team from Henderson Photography. They were all over the place with their cameras, taking traditional and not-so-traditional photos so it should be a nice mix. During the reception they were handing out cards to everyone with the link to their website to view the photos when they were online. Can’t wamt to see them!

Alan and Becky, there are sure to be many more romantic Valentine’s Days in your future and I hope every one of them reminds you of how your romance began and the beautiful wedding that came as a result.


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