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Alicia and Jonathan start their married life in a shower of bubbles at The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary

The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary has the most elegant wedding garden, with inset pavers in bright, emerald green grass against a backdrop of a beautiful, large fountain of water right behind where the Bride and Groom stand. It makes a magnificent view - elegant and understated - just like Alicia and Jonathan

The day was bright and sunny and the air was sparkling as we began the ceremony. Ami Wheeler, the Social Catering Manager for the hotel, is always on hand to make sure the wedding goes as planned and it is a delight to work with her. You can tell she sincerely cares for the wedding couples and their guests and does everything she can to make it a very special event for them.

The music for the day was provided by Molly Olah on violin. Molly is an incredible musician and it was a perfect touch for the day. She is co-owner of North Carolina Wedding Music and as well as playing many instruments herself, she can also provide skilled musicians and ensembles for other instruments that suit your taste and plans. And from what I’ve witnessed, they are all excellent.

When I arrived before the wedding, Kathy Watkins of Recreations Parlour was still finishing up the hair and make-up for the bridal party. What a fun lady - and her work is beautiful. I was amazed to see that although it was a very hot and sunny day for the wedding, whatever it was she did, everybody’s hair and make-up remained impeccable throughout. That’s quite a feat in this humid weather we’ve been having and I should probably get a few pointers from her to learn her secrets. This photo was taken after the ceremony and you can get a feel for how natural her work is.

Alicia and Jonathan decided to recite their beautiful vows to each other without even looking at their vow cards. I was so impressed! That seldom happens because people are so nervous. The words they spoke and the sincerity with which they said them, spoke volumes about the love they have for each other. It was a very touching moment. Being able to be a witness to such special times in people’s lives is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding minister.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather - and for the sheer fun of it - Alicia and Jonathan planned to head back out the aisle as husband and wife in a shower of bubbles from the guests. Bubbles have a way of bringing out the kid in everyone and all the guests were totally into getting their bubbles going. The photo at the top of this post captures the feel of it beautifully and it was provided by Terry Lillich of Carolina MediaStar. Carolina MediaStar is a group of four photographers and Terry’s photographic colleague that day was Josh Barnett. Their pics are sure to be spectacular if this one with the bubbles is any indication. Nice job, Terry, and many thanks for letting me use your photo.

Alicia and Jonathan are sure to have a happy life together. The loving sentiments expressed in their vows will combine with the fun, cheery happiness that thought of the bubbles and will create a wonderful future for this husband and wife. Many happy days to you both!


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