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Katie and Charlie Helms marry at Five Oaks in Durham

Katie and Charlie are a fun and determined couple. You can see it in their faces and in everything they do. When I first met them, they were both extremely busy and Katie was finishing her last year of Pharmacy School. Her graduation was scheduled for one week before their wedding date but she was still determined to put together their wedding no matter what. With so much on her plate, not only did she pass all her finals, but she and Charlie still found time to put together their very special wedding.

Katie’s mom called it “a family affair” and Katie said it was a “DIT” (Do It Together) wedding. Charlie’s sister did a reading for the ceremony. All the women in the family did the baking of the cupcake wedding cake and the creation of the floral decorations. Katie made the bouquets herself and Katie’s mom even made the lace overlay wedding dress and veil. They must have had so much fun making memories together as they worked to prepare for this wedding!

The wedding was held in the expansive side lawn of the Five Oaks Clubhouse, with clear blue skies and a lovely pond as a backdrop. To make it even more perfect, the bridesmaid dresses seemed to match the color of the landscape - how did they do that?!

The beautiful floral decorations for the wedding were created by the mothers of the bride and groom and what a wonderful job they did! So very talented. It was a magical setting for a fun and magical day.

The music for the ceremony was provided by some of Charlie’s friends who are members of The Big Fat Gap Band, a local bluegrass band - and what fun music they played. Bluegrass lends its own personality to every environment and it was just perfect for Katie and Charlie’s wedding day celebration.

This family affair wedding was also surrounded by auspicious omens. Right before the ceremony began, a rain shower came up and caused a few minute delay. But as soon as it had passed, the bright sun and blue skies returned and everything had a fresh, clean sparkle to it. Rain means abundance. Then, as we began the ceremony, two Canadian geese flew right over us, honking, and one dropped a feather that fell to the ground behind Charlie. Canadian geese mate for life. Katie later picked up the feather and added it to her bouquet. It is clear that for this marriage there is going to be much love, abundance and enduring commitment on their horizon.

Katie and Charlie, you are going to have a wonderful life together!

This fun photo from the reception was taken by their great photographer, Steve Dill, of Steve Dill Photographic Designs.
For more photos from this fun-filled day, check out Steve’s blog at his website. You can tell he thoroughly got into the revelry of the day!


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