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Courtney and David celebrate their wedding with a song at 1705 Prime in Raleigh

It was a beautiful, crisp spring morning as Courtney and David said their vows on the front lawn and veranda of 1705 Prime, a great location for a wedding in Raleigh. Courtney and David both profess a very strong Christian faith and David plays in a Christian band that travels to churches throughout the state. Because God is at the core of their lives, they wanted God be very much at the center of their ceremony and festivities. It was so nice to see how important this was to them and we had a lovely ceremony that reflected this. We also incorporated a Unity Candle and - what a wonderful treat - Courtney and David sang a duet right before their vows. Their friend and Groomsman, Lucas, accompanied them on keyboard. It was a very touching moment and I’m sure everyone who was there will never forget it.

Red was in abundance everywhere; in the Bridesmaid dresses, the bouquets, the sash on Courtney’s dress, the table decorations and even in the cascading sash on their wedding cake, provided beautifully and caringly by Cinda of Cinda’s Creative Cakes. David told me that strawberries are Courtney’s favorite fruit (which explains the red) and that while they were dating they used to feed each other chocolate covered strawberries. (How romantic!) Their elegant wedding cake took its style and decoration from this romantic part of their history and had chocolate covered strawberries festooned down the sides. The very clever and adorable cake topper was a pair of Bride and Groom strawberries appropriately dressed in dark and white chocolate. You could tell a lot of heart went into the design of this cake and I tip my hat to Cinda for all the care and obvious attention to detail she took to create it.

The music for the day was provided by Island Sound, a DJ company well-renowned for creating a lively party. Allen and Peter were on hand for the day to keep things going well and that they did - in spades. They were very professional and knew just how to make everything flow perfectly while the guests shared the good times of the celebration. Having a great DJ does make a world of difference.

Their photographer was Jim Colman of Jim Colman Photography. He and I had recently worked together and it was great to see him again. I love watching him work and try to see what it is he is seeing when he moves everyone “just so.” I have seen him photograph a bride through the beveled glass of doors and have been amazed at all the unique ways he has used to photograph wedding couples. Guess that’s what makes him such a professional! He sent me some photos of myself at the wedding and I have included the one above that captures the happy spirit of the ceremony and the day. Thanks, Jim!

The flowers were provided by Janice Cutler of North Raleigh Florist. In keeping with the color scheme, everything was red and white, but she also cleverly put pearls into the flowers of Courtney’s bouquet, setting off the red of the roses beautifully. Such a simple little thing with such a big impact.

It was a beautiful day for the celebration of a beautiful love. Courtney and David, I know that with God at the center of your love and your lives, you will have a wonderful life together as you build up your treasures in Heaven.


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