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Anann and Peter marry at her parents’ home in Carrboro

Anann is Canadian, raised in America. Peter is Danish. They met in Buenos Aires, currently live in Copenhagen and came to Carrboro to marry at her mother’s friendly and welcoming southern home. What a fun and interesting life they must lead!

The lovely wedding dress was designed by Anann, a jewelry designer by trade, and it was made for her by her Maid of Honor. Simple elegance with a touch of the unexpected is a great combination here. The detail on the skirt was striking in its simplicity and reminded me of butterflies flitting around in a garden. The little accenting pieces of cloth were attached to the dress in such a way that they remained free to move as Anann moved, or even as a breeze might catch them. Hopefully you can see it in these photos for it was a beautiful effect. 
I love the veiled hat and it looked wonderful on Anann. This look is starting to make a comeback after decades of neglect and I am happy to see this ultra feminine style beginning to make its return. I suspect we will start to see it more and more in the next few years and it makes perfect sense that a fashion-forward designer would decide to use it for herself.

The wedding took place in the front yard of Anann’s parents’ home with lush greenery everywhere. In the area where we stood there were two urns of elaborate spring flowers on each side of us and hanging from the tree between them were the most clever flower arrangements I had ever seen. Suspended from branches were small, antique bottles of many shapes and each contained a flower of varying colors and types. It made for a charming and colorful backdrop and it was just stunning. Simple beauty showcased again in an unexpected way. 

So here in North Carolina, within a garden setting of floating flowers and lush, green plants, Anann in her “butterfly” dress and Peter in his grey suit without a tie (that had just the right sense of casual refinement), said their vows among friends and family from all over the world. It was wonderful to be a part of it.

There are sure to be many adventures ahead for Anann and Peter around all the corners of the world and I have no doubt they will enjoy every one!


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