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TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEDDING MAGIC LET YOUR WEDDING MATCH YOUR STYLE. Chris and Kyle are big Dr. Who fans and the TARDIS was on the guest book canvas that was to be framed after the wedding. (photo by Hannah Woodard Photography)






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On Their First Anniversary, Wendy and Kyle Frame Their Wedding Vows for the Walls of Their New Home

Last November I had the very lucky privilege of ministering the wedding of Wendy and Kyle at The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Durham. As you can see from the photo above - taken by Maria and Taylor of Zozo Photography - it was a beautiful, sunny, autumn day - perfect for a wedding filled with happiness. Even their adorable new puppy was part of the wedding ceremony, complete with a flower garland and happy energy to match the festivities.

A few months later, Wendy contacted me for the text of their vows. She told me she had something special in mind for them, but that was all she said.

Today I got an email from Wendy with photos of what she had done with their vows. Written in calligraphy and framed in brush gold frames, they now hang side by side on a wall in their new home. What a lovely keepsake from their wedding and what a special way to remind themselves of the deep and abiding love they share.

The vows had been hand done for them by a woman on Etsy - Sarah Disney - who specializes in handmade wedding and home decor and Wendy kindly gave me the link to her Etsy site so I could mention it here. Everything on that website is lovely so if you are looking for something vintage, handmade or just plain unique, you might want to head over to her Etsy page and have a look around;  SarahDisneyDesigns.

Along with the special vows they chose for their ceremony, Wendy and Kyle also included one of my favorite passages from the Tao Te Ching. It tells you a lot about how they see their love.

Always Return

It is good to know your strength
But always return to your flexibility.
If you can cradle your beloved in your arms
In nurturing gentleness,
Love will flow through you.

It is good to achieve things
But always return to anonymity.
Your beloved does not need your achievements
But needs your uncomplicated soul.

It is good to work for change,
But always return to what is.
If you accept all things whether painful or joyful,
You will always know
That you belong to each other.

Happy first anniversary, Wendy and Kyle. May every new year bring you special gifts from love.


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Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Having your vows framed is such a wonderful idea, to just relieve those words you've said to each other every day - magical!

Rev. Barbara Lodge said...

I thought so, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment. And congratulations on your upcoming (or recent) wedding. I hope your day is (was) beautiful!

Brad Ipock said...

This is a great depiction through images of how you document the entire process. I definitely will be incorporating elements of this into my process. Also, I agree with the previous poster, framing the vows is an incredible idea.

Rev. Barbara Lodge said...

Hi, Brad. I totally agree that framing the vows is a great idea. Every time they walk by the vows on the wall of their home, it must make their hearts smile. It makes mine smile just to think about that.

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a note.

Ash said...

I love the frames! Where did you buy them? :) Thanks! ~Ashley

Rev. Barbara Lodge said...

Hi, Ash

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do not know where they got the frames, but I do know they had a calligrapher write out the vows and then they had them professionally framed. Hope that helps!